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Here Is How To Address Car Hacking Threats

August 29th, 2016 | Posted in Communication, Information Technology

When you connect a car to the Internet, it is no longer just a car: It is a computer on wheels.

For years, the security industry has asked itself, “When will cyberattacks affect the physical world?” The connected car is a clear example of where this manifests, especially as researchers release new information about vehicles’ vulnerabilities, such as my partner Marc Rogers’ and my deep dive into Tesla’s systems, or the recent Jeep Cherokee analysis, wherein researchers breached the vehicle’s drive systems from the Internet, slowing the vehicle to a crawl on a highway. Fiat Chrysler has since recalled more than one million vehicles as a result, and legislation aptly named the “Security and Privacy in your Car Act” is currently in consideration by Congress.

When a car can search Google, send tweets and be remotely accessed from a smartphone app, that car has more in common with your laptop than it does the Model T. Securing the next generation of connected automobiles means redefining what it means for a vehicle to be “road-ready.” The road-ready vehicle of the future needs cybersecurity measures beyond the traditional physical safety measures taken today.

It is inevitable that automobiles — alongside every other essential technology in our lives — become connected. Given how important cars and trucks are to both individuals and the world’s economy as a whole, it’s entirely expected that attackers will focus their energy on disrupting vehicles’ (hopefully) well-designed systems.

Thankfully, nothing catastrophic has happened yet, and the auto industry is in position to take necessary action to get ahead of this problem. However, it needs to learn from the software industry’s experience on the front lines of the Internet, something most auto manufacturers have yet to do.

For example, as part of its mission to reinvent the automobile, Tesla has taken a software-first approach to itscars. Knowing that the people will expect their car to be connected to the Internet, the conversation internally never was “when these cars become Internet-connected,” it always was “how can we build a great connected car?”

As with any software-driven product, cybersecurity must be a deliberate investment. Today, the auto industry can take three specific measures to dramatically improve the cybersecurity of its vehicles.

First, vehicles need over-the-air update systems to avoid expensive and lengthy recalls every time a security vulnerability is found. Second, manufacturers must separate infotainment systems and the critical drive systems, tightly controlling communication between them, just as commercial airliners isolate inflight Wi-Fi networks from critical avionics systems. Third, manufacturers must assume that some attacks will succeed and secure each individual software component in the vehicle, so that if an attacker compromises a single system they do not automatically get access to the entire vehicle.

While the state of automobile cybersecurity would be substantially improved if all manufacturers implemented these guidelines, they are just a start. It takes years for a company to develop a strong cybersecurity culture; even with a strong internal cybersecurity team, that team must be supported by and integrated into the organization as a whole.

Further, companies with experienced security teams look not just inside the company for support, but outside to the global community of security researchers identifying problems — and hoping to get them fixed — ahead of criminals. For example, Tesla launched a “Bug Bounty” program to encourage external security researchers to responsibly identify and help fix any security issues they uncover. I encourage all other manufacturers to follow a similar path.

Consider the consequences if the auto industry does not get security right: Manufacturers may need to issue a recall for every software vulnerability found. Recalls are a long process, and software vulnerabilities become a substantial personal safety issue, even a national security concern, if not fixed immediately. Further, if the frequency of software vulnerabilities in vehicles is anywhere near that of PCs — monthly and even weekly in some cases — recalls quickly become impractical.

I sincerely hope that all auto manufacturers proactively address cybersecurity, starting with the guidelines above, to make automobiles one of the most secure pieces of technology in our lives.

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What’s in a Link?

December 24th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

The significance of linking on the web can be confusing for many
internet users. Why is a link considered so much more valuable than a
mere reference? Why is it important how many websites link directly to
mine? Why does it even matter if all my web pages are interconnected
with links? What exactly is a backlink

There are many different reasons links are considered so valuable. In
a sense, they are the currency of the web – telling your users to “click here ” when doing so
will take them away from your website shows that you think it is
worthwhile. That in itself is a powerful statement since you are
generally invested in keeping hold of your readers for as long as

Some of the reasons are more technical. By ensuring that the web pages
on your own site are well connected with links, you are making the job
of search engine crawlers easier than it would otherwise be. These
crawlers, which are really pieces of software, find it easiest to
navigate a site when everything is interlinked, and because search
engines can understand the site easily, it is more likely to rank well
in their results pages.

Early search engines were faced with many problems, one of which was
the question of how to rank the vast amounts of content contained in
their indexes. After all, internet search users were unlikely to sift
through hundreds of thousands of pages in the vague hope of finding
what they were looking for. When the next generation of search engines
came along, they came armed with something very clever – algorithms to
rank content. These algorithms were based on the principle described
above, i.e. that a link to a piece of content can be counted as a vote
of confidence (or at the very least, a vote of interest) in the link

It was not long before this became the most powerful concept in the
world of internet search. In fact, it gave rise to an entire industry.
A quick search of Google will reveal many businesses, like this SEO company ,
who make their money partly by creating links.

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Tips For Eco-Friendly Mobile Life

December 20th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

Lots of individuals are repeatedly being granted data to show into friendly to the world nowadays. Plenty of people still don’t grasp the ways that they may contribute to our earth, for them reusing of their mobile phones may just be the best decision to start, mainly as a result of portable usage has grown to the future level of 4.6 billion users around the world. Let’s look at some of ways in which we must follow to ensure the reliability of using a phone, not creating any problem for the environment. Mobile phone recycling is one of the best option available today to recycle old handsets and gadgets.

Target On Green Apps

Generally it may seem stunning, but natural applications are available and a volume of apps fall under the Eco-friendly category. They assist the users to stay at a greener life by rendering all of them with a positive recommendation and also carry out multiple functions simultaneously. A large number of apps permit the users to scan bar codes on goods and items to verify its ecological results.

Keep a note on Energy Usage of Phones while choosing a mobile

When you buy a latest mobile phone, you might check the guidance of a monitoring site to match the energy of the various handsets and find the ones that consume less power, ensuring that your choice would release smaller footprint of Carbon. Even if you go outside with a mobile which can be a compulsary for you, which uses a very large amount of energy, reading the instruction manual will enable us to configure different devices that could reduce its energy consumption

Recycle Your Mobile Handset

This can be one of the most basic tactics to go Eco-friendly as lots of people are already aware of its advantages. Having wast improvement in technology, latest and new type of handsets are being manufactured and launched on a regular basis today. Due to which actually, a user upgrades his/her mobile phone on a repeated basis thus it transforms into paramount crucial that you reuse their existing phones instead of holding all of them in their houses. Sell mobile for cash is basically quite simple and you may choose a recycling website on net either to receive money through it or give out the phone for some good and kind-hearted reason.

In general, it may seem surprising, but the applications are available and a natural volume of applications under the “green” category. These applications help users stay on a greener life by making them all with positive recommendations and carry out various multiple functions simultaneously.

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Playing Angry Birds is Now Easier

November 9th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

p>In nowadays, it is impossible for people not to know about Angry Birds. Yes, Angry Birds is one of the most booming video games which are so popular among people in different ages in so many places in all over the world. At first, Angry Birds is designed only for iPad and iPhone. As time goes by, Angry Birds Free is now also available for other devices too. That is why it is said to be easier now to play the Angry Birds because people do not have to but iPad or iPhone first and deal with the price which is not so affordable for them. The free Angry Birds which is stated previously is actually the one which is known as Angry birds online.

If you want to play Angry Birds without buying any iPad or IPhone device, just try to find the web that provides some online Angry Birds game. It will of course be very easy to do because you just have to put some related keywords in the internet searching engine. After that, it is sure that you will able to play the game in the web that you choose from the internet searching engine results.

There are several series of the Angry Birds online games that you will able to play online. For example there is a Halloween series of Angry Birds online which is recently played by many people in all over the world because Halloween just passed. It will of course be the right entertainment to celebrate Halloween. Other versions of Angry Birds online can of course be found very easily in the internet searching engine. Since there are many versions available, it is sure that you will able to get various entertainment from the games that will never makes you feel bored for sure.

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Five Best Apps for Traveling

October 12th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

Everybody loves to travel. Removing yourself from your everyday life and going somewhere far, far away to marvel at something helps to expand your horizons and mind. Whether you plan on going across the country or across the world, traveling can be some of the most exciting times in your life. But it can also be the hardest. It can be stressful to board your airplane, know what to pack and what hotels you should stay at. Having all of the help that you can get will make your trip a success and will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. Why not turn your smart phone into your little travel helper by downloading the five best travel apps there are.

The first application on our list of best travel apps is FlightTrack. FlightTrack allows you to check the gate number of your flight, get delay and cancelation updates and even find alternative flights. The app includes more than 5,000 different airports, so you can rest assured that you will never get stressed out at the airport again.

If you want to keep better track of your money, then be sure to download the Currency app. This handy little app allows you to check the conversion rates for more than 100 different currencies worldwide. Now no matter where you are, you will be able to know how much you are spending in your native currency.

Have you ever gone to a foreign country and were unable to understand the language? Never be lost in translation again with the Lonely Planet Phrasebook app. This app allows you to find the text and audio translations of common Spanish words and phrases. You’ll have the local lingo down and will enjoy your trip more.

If you want to find out about all of the local hotspots in your vacation destination, download the Zagat to Go app. This app will give you exclusive info on thousands of restaurants worldwide. You will know all about the food and service before even entering the facility, guaranteeing that you will have the dining experience of a lifetime anywhere in the world!

If you want to send a postcard home while you are on your trip, download the PostMan app. This app allows you to snap a photo or use a Google Maps shot of your current location. Then you can add a personal greeting and message and send it back to all of your friends at home so they know how much fun you are having.

While you are on vacation, be sure to protect your phone with a cell phone cover. This will help protect it from getting dented or damaged while on your trip and save you a lot of heartache if anything happens to it.

If you are suffering from wanderlust, then download these handy apps and get some mobile phone accessories to make your trip complete. You will love seeing the world and experiencing it all with the help of your phone.

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Iridium Satellite Phones Offer a Host of Communication Facilities

February 20th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

The Iridium constellation was designed by Motorola to provide Mobile Satellite Telecommunications Services (TSM) with global coverage. Its name comes after the element Iridium (Iridium) which has an atomic number of 77, equivalent to the number of satellites in the constellation included in the original design. This system aims to provide voice and data communications service by using portable devices in the areas outside the coverage of traditional communication systems.

At present, solutions provided by Iridium, which were bought and relaunched by new partners, are actively used in vertical markets such as oil, mining, ecotourism and military. After the events of September 11, 2001, U.S. security agencies have been using Iridium solutions as their preferred system of mobile voice satellite telecommunications. Only Air Force United States currently has over 25,000 active iridium satellite phones.

In 2010, the Iridium satellite phones cost more for modern and unique production, the Iridium 9555, is approximately $ 1,500.00 in U.S. The communication cost per minute is about $ 1.30. The cost per minute is independent of the country they originate or terminate calls, but there are no roaming charges. Iridium has a system for sending and receiving text messages that can accommodate up to 150 messages of 160 characters per month free of cost. 9505A Iridium phones and the new 9555 can also send emails directly using the keypad. The cost of each email sent, which can have a maximum of 160 characters is about $ 0.60

Iridium launched the service of OpenPort in 2009, focusing primarily on maritime segment, which allows data transmissions up to 128 kbps with global coverage. The current cost of OpenPort terminal is approximately $ 5,500.00 and the cost of transmission/reception of data is approximately $ 5.00 x Megabyte. In the late 2009, Iridium had already sold OpenPort 1000 terminals. OpenPort received a mixed review for service but it expected the system to function optimally in the first half of 2010. It is estimated that the Iridium system now exceeds 300,000 users.

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Tips for Communication With a Person That Has Dementia

February 20th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

Communication with a person that has dementia can be a struggle for many people, no matter how much you read about it or train for it. A few reminders, or tips about communication, can come in handy sometimes. Whether the person just has dementia or has Alzheimer’s disease, he or she is cognitively impaired and will not be able to process information that is given to them at all times. Non-verbal communication – voice tone, facial expression and body language – will also make a difference in the success of your conversations, for the person is often dealing with confusion, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and irritability.

The basic tips are that when you are addressing the individual with dementia, you will need to be looking at him, and calling him by name. You’ll need to speak slowly, calmly and clearly with simple words, one topic or question at a time. When he or she addresses you, the person may ask the same question repeatedly, because they do not remember the answer you just gave them. It may be best after a couple of times to reassure the person that everything is fine and then distract him with another topic or activity. The man or woman with dementia is in their own reality and everything they say or do is a reflection of that. They may want to put on shorts and sandals in the winter when it is cold outside. It’s not reasonable to argue with the dementia patient or to disagree with fabricated stories.

Here are few additional communication tips:

* Approach the person from the front so as not to startle him or her.
* Don’t rush the person in responding and have realistic expectations.
* Expect the person with dementia to be disoriented when they wake up and allow time for him to adjust.
* Use gestures – such as drinking from a cup or eating to explain what you’re speaking about.
* Break down directions for an activity into simple, one-at-a-time steps, and give them slowly.
* Express your words with feeling, but not in an over-dramatic way.
* If you become angry, use “I” statements such as “I’m upset and need to rest” instead of “I’m angry with you.”
* Use humor when appropriate to keep the tone light.
* Showing affection such as giving praise, holding hands or hugging the individual is positive reinforcement.
* A daily routine and allowing the person as much independence as possible will give confidence.
* Let the person continue with a monotonous, yet calming activity, such as wiping the counter for over 15 minutes if it is not disruptive. If so, gently guide him to another activity.
* Be consistent and do what you tell the individual that you will do.
* Keep talking to the person with dementia, about yourself and family members even when he or she is unable to communicate back with you.

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Cloud Communication

February 20th, 2011 | Posted in Communication, Uncategorized

For those who are unaware, cloud is just a better definition of hosted. Instead of owning and maintaining your hardware and software which cost a premium to setup, you could be running off a hosted environment, where you pay a monthly fee, where you might be so happy as if you walk on the clouds or run lousy as a nasty cloudy day.

As individuals we are all very cloud dependent, and we love it not only because it simplify our lives it give us the freedom and opportunity to stay in touch and in control, and above all it is free. Especially with Google is it Gmail, Gtalk or Google Voice, Skype or any other provider for any other cloud services the list is endless, and since most of the services are free we will accept the cloudy weather if there are (not that there are much of it, but when it is cloudy we will live with it) in short it is no cost and fairly reliable – a great match.

On the other hand companies are also relying one way or another on the clouds some for applications or for file storage and transfer utilities or at least for email and web servers, which are maintained and managed by third parties for a premium, and it is with ouch more caution, it is one think when it comes to email or web servers, since being down a few minutes is livable, but when it comes to applications being down is totally unacceptable, but nowadays when redundancy and backup is so cheap that it almost eliminated the idea of a cloudy skies for cloud for business so it is much more reliable and it is more efficient that’s why it is getting more and more main stream,

The same is with communication in the clouds or if you want to call it by its other name Hosted Phone System PBX. Hence it is a much newer technology which means it offers hands down much greater features than your own PBX and it is way cheaper in price, many hosted providers had to work harder to find the proper setups for redundancy and backup and until recently this was a work in progress for most providers, since a business without phones could not survive a single day (even an hour is unacceptable) one could understand why business owners are reluctant to go with cloud communication, Voore and some other companies have multiple backups and running on fully redundant systems, which creates a 99.9 uptime percentile environment.

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Four Methods To Help Your Child Communicate

February 8th, 2011 | Posted in Communication

Children with Asperger’s syndrome and/or autism often need treatments to help them improve their communication skills either because they do not speak well or do not speak at all. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world to want to communicate with your child but not be able to. This is obviously very frustrating for the child as well because all of their wants, needs, and feelings are going unexpressed. This can lead to acting out and other behavior problems.

Fortunately, there are methods to improve communication skills for those with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

1. Sign language

Some people advocate teaching nonverbal kids and adults sign language. Often, they will be able to communicate with their hands what they cannot with their voice. Some parents resist this, thinking that if they teach their kid how to sign, and he or she has a little bit of language, the kid will use the sign language as a “crutch” and never make the effort to speak. This is not a valid argument, because verbal speech is a real effort for these kids, if they’re able to even do it at all. Wouldn’t you rather your child have some way of communicating his basic needs to you than none at all?


PECS stands for the Picture Exchange Communication System.

Kids are taught to point to pictures of things they want, or pictures that show how they are feeling. They are given rewards for pointing out pictures of something they want. For example, if they want a drink, they will be shown a picture of water, and if they give the picture of water to the adult, they will be given a reward.

After a while, they will learn to use the PECS pictures to communicate their needs and feelings. Usually, a binder with symbols and pictures with words that are appropriate to the child is created and carried everywhere, so that the child has a means of communication.

3. Facilitated communication

Facilitated communication is a type of communication where the person is able to type their thoughts, often with the support of another person supporting their arm. Many completely nonverbal kids are able to communicate for the first time using facilitated communication.

A lot of kids and adults will be able to type completely independently, but some cannot. Because of this, facilitated communication is a somewhat controversial method. Some people believe that the person is not actually communicating, but the people supporting them are. However, there are many people who are able to type independently – some of whom have made videos to prove this – and they seem to give validity to this method.

Another interesting device is called a Lightwriter. These have a small keyboard with a speech synthesizer. A person types into it, and their words are translated in seconds into spoken speech. It is small enough to carry wherever you go.

4. Social Stories

One very useful and widely used technique that can help kids with Asperger’s – and that doesn’t cost much money – is writing “social stories”.

Social stories are books of some sort that talk about how to do a certain social activity, and provide step-by-step instructions. Kids with Asperger’s typically need to see things visually. And they need to refer back to instructions relatively frequently. They also need step-by-step instructions. All of these components fit together very well for the idea of a social story.

You can create your own social stories or buy pre-made ones for common situations. The more your child understands what to expect, the better he or she will function. Social stories work because they take common social events and break them into the smallest of steps. Simply telling the child what will happen is often not enough though; he needs to be able to look at it. If the information is in a book, he or she can read it over and over again at their leisure, and slowly, understanding will dawn.


Kids with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders often have great trouble communicating…to the point of being completely nonverbal. This is frustrating for all involved. But luckily, effective Asperger’s syndrome treatments exist to help many of these symptoms and improve the speech and communication deficits of children on the autism spectrum.

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Effective Communication Strategies

February 8th, 2011 | Posted in Communication

There are four kinds of personality whose history can be traced back 2,400 years to Hippocrates. All of the personalities have their strengths and their weaknesses. Where do you fall?

You should understand that every person in the world has a mixture of these four personalities. And while this is true, there is a dominant personality and a less dominant one. What are your dominant and no so dominant personalities?

To answer that question, it’s important you learn about the four types. These personalities are:

The Melancholy

A person with this kind of personality tends to suffer with low self image and esteem, as they tend to set some high standards for themselves and for other folks. This personality type needs to be shown details such as a point by point explanation before they believe things. It’s always a good idea to have supplemental materials to support your thoughts and ideas.

The Choleric

A person with this kind of personality is generally influential, lively, independent, strong-minded and opinionated. If you want to convince a choleric, you need to gain their respect first. If you fail with them, it means they see you as an uncertain person. People of this personality like winners.

The Phlegmatic

People of this personality type tend to be easy going; someone who doesn’t let him/herself to become distracted easily. This personality type is easy to get along with and is always excited about life. If you’re to convince them of something, you just need to show them the matters that are in their best interest.

The Sanguine

This personality type is generally outgoing and considered a super-extrovert. Sanguine people tend to be in jobs that match their personality such as acting or salesman. If you want them to go with you to an event, you must let them know upfront how much fun they’ll have or that they’ll be noticed.

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