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How Does The Free CCleaner Compare With Other Registry Cleaners?

August 27th, 2016 | Posted in Computer, Data Recovery

CCleaner, a registry repair tool that comes in both a free and a paid version, created by the Piriform company, is known for being a blazingly fast registry cleaner. In fact, we’ve timed it on our office computer, and it finished a registry scan in just under 15 seconds. It only picked up one error. Our first question was: How thorough a scan was that?

Other registry cleaners that we’ve run on our computer have taken anywhere from a minute or more (many in the two to four minute range) to more than six or eight minutes, and in some cases up to 14 minutes. Our natural curiosity wonders how a scan that only lasts for 15 seconds can possibly be as thorough as a two or four or six minute scan.

Obviously, CCleaner doesn’t scan as many files as these other cleaners. How can it in fifteen seconds? And our results have born out these findings. Other cleaners, like RegCure, have ended up picking up more errors and empty entries in their scans than CCleaner. RegCure picked up eighty-six errors on the same machine in which CCleaner only picked up one. But then that’s attributable to the variation in the search algorithm used. Each utility has its own definition of parameters for choosing what it ranks as an error in the registry. Some, choose to error on the side of caution, and therefore pick up fewer errors.

While we like the free version of CCleaner, we just can’t get over the fact that it only picks up a fraction of the errors that other utilities pick up. And it does this on a regular basis. What counts, though, is the fact that your registry hasn’t been damaged by the cleaning, and you’re still able to use it without having to restore the backup of the old registry. In other words, it doesn’t disable the use of the computer.

One of CCleaner’s main selling features is that it can do more than just clean the registry. It comes with a system cleaning function (to clean up old and unused system files and logs), a Tools function (with tools to uninstall programs, manage your system’s start-up menu, find a missing file, restore the system to an earlier date, and a drive wiper), and an Options tab (that allows you to manage cookies, an include/exclude function for files to be cleaned), and an Advanced settings tab (which, among other things, allows you to restore the default settings as well as nine other items).

While we cannot give CCleaner a one-hundred percent recommendation with regard to its registry cleaning ability, we can say that it may be a useful program to have with regard to its other capabilities if you don’t already use another program that will easily access these other maintenance options.

In the final analysis, all we can say is that CCleaner may be a program you might want to consider having around as an additional registry repair tool. It’s main attractiveness, for us and perhaps you also, comes in the added feature functions it can perform. However, we don’t consider it to be powerful enough to be a frontline tool for keeping your registry unclogged. Use it as a backup or an adjunct, but not as your main registry utility.

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Convert FAT32 to NTFS Without Formatting or Losing Data

July 22nd, 2016 | Posted in Computer

You have a flash drive or probably an external hard drive that currently has FAT32 file system and you want to change it to NTFS, because FAT32 does not support handling large files (over 4GB) or it is just simply old for your taste but there is just one problem, you don’t want to lose your saved data. This article is for you then as it explains exactly how you can achieve seamless transition from FAT to NTFS without involving any data loss.

While it is generally recommended to use the NTFS file system because of its stability, security and lesser defragmentation time, most of us end up using FAT32 because that is what most disks are preformatted with. Unless, we notice the “Not enough disk space error” despite disk space being available, we don’t bother to change the file system. Moreover, most of us don’t change it because of the risk of losing important data and lack of time (read laziness). As Microsoft was aware of this scenario, they added a capability in the command prompt to overcome this by executing a simple command. There are many software that support this too but the Convert command is one of the easiest ways to do so. Follow the steps below to know how:-

Important: While this method works perfectly, I would still advise you to backup your data in case anything goes wrong.

FAT 32 to NTFS Conversion Steps

1) Go to Computer, and note the name of the drive whose file system you wish to convert.
2) Click on Start.
3) Type cmd in the search bar if you use Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows Vista. If you use Windows XP, click on Run and then execute cmd.
4) Execute “chkdsk h: /f ” (without quotes) where H is the letter of the drive to undergo conversion. This checks the drive for errors and fixes them automatically.
5) Execute “Convert H: /FS:NTFS” (without quotes). H is again the letter of the drive to be converted.
6) The command prompt will start the conversion process and after a few minutes, CMD will say that conversion was successful.
7) You can check it in the properties of the drive through right click<Properties.

This command can also be used to convert FAT16 disks and works on Windows 8, Windows 8.1,Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. I converted my flash drive’s file system using these steps and it worked flawlessly. It is interesting to note that this method cannot be used to reconvert NTFS file system back to FAT32. To reconvert back to FAT32, you will need to format the entire drive which will definitely cause data loss.

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3 Reasons Why People Choose SubmitEdge SEO Firm

June 7th, 2015 | Posted in Computer, Internet, Technology

Talking about search engine optimization (SEO) service, I always recommend my friends try SubmitEdge SEO firm that has good reputation in this business. SubmitEdge is a cutting edge company offering some of the best search engine ranking results around.  They offer many SEO services such as link building service, content writing service, Google index service, forum posting service, blog review, article submission and directory submission. All of these SEO services are very useful for your site especially when you want more traffic and income. If you want to learn more about SubmitEdge search engine optimization service contact their customer service for information about your service needs. On the other hand, if you have learned enough about them from this article you can purchase service directly from their website.

There are 3 major reasons why people choose SubmitEdge as their SEO firm or search engine optimization provider. First, by allowing SubmitEdge to perform your website search engine optimization you will have more time for friends and family.  You will also be free to focus on your core business. It’s a proven fact that profits increase when businesses focus on what they do best.  SubmitEdge is the best solution to help you succeed. Don’t spend hours every day submitting links into a directory or submitting articles into article submission sites. This is frankly a waste of time. You’ll find a unique advantage by outsourcing this work to a professional SEO firm like SubmitEdge.

The second reason for choosing SubmitEdge is it allows you to arrange and adjust your budget for each project. Maybe you have a predefined budget to hire someone to optimize your website. SubmitEdge allows you to budget easily by adjusting your package to fit your budgeting needs. This will allow you to manage your money while ensuring better site quality.

The third reason is you will attract more customers.  If you have an online store where customers purchase products or services directly from your website it is absolutely critical that you obtain high search engine rankings. The higher the search engine rankings the more traffic you can drive to your website, resulting in more sales. It’s extremely important that people be able to find your site on Google easily. SubmitEdge’s primary function is to change your search engine ranking condition so people will be able to find your site on Google and other search engines.

These are the top three reasons why people choose SubmitEdge services.  So, what are you waiting for? Try SubmitEgdge services and experience the financial results.

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Data Recovery And Back Up For Email Clients

May 14th, 2015 | Posted in Computer

Booting issues, virus attacks, or corrupted file systems are often present in exchange and mail servers. These malicious issues can cause your archived email messages to apparently disappear. Companies that rely heavily on email communication and do not have back ups might find this a persisting problem. However, this problem can be fixed with data recovery designed specifically for email recovery.

Here are a few examples of data recovery steps used in three popular email clients:

IncrediMail Email Data Recovery

• Select File | Data and Settings Transfer | Transfer from Old Computer. From the menu in IncrediMail select email client.

• Click on the OK button.

• Click Open; then click OK.

• IncrediMail Email data recovery process will then start.

• Once done, a dialog box will appear, indicating that the data recovery process is finished. Click OK.

Continue reading »

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Stealth IBot Computer Spy

May 4th, 2015 | Posted in Computer

Laptop computers are not very secure due to their portability. When friends or co-workers can easily access your computer that contains important data, it can become a problem. When your computer is used by multiple people, its nearly impossible to know what files were accessed by each user. There is a probability that your data could have been copied by your friends. What if they took your confidential data? Well, there is a solution to this problem and you need not worry any longer. This is a problem you can solve with a simple device that tells whether or not your data has been stolen.

Believe it or not you can have a sophisticated device like what is shown in spy movies. BrickHouseSecurity.Com introduces you to their new device called computer spy. They usually refer to it as the Stealth iBot device. With this computer spy device, you can record what users do on your computer without them ever knowing.  They wont have a clue that you are tracing their activity on your machine.

Computer spy works when you insert Stealth iBot into the USB port. The device will trace the last 5 seconds of user activity. It even has the ability to trace the last websites visited. In short, this simple device offers good protection for your computer. It allows you to protect your personal computer when you are not around to watch it with your own eyes. It is also a good tool to keep track of your childrens online activity.  You can hold them accountable if you learn that they have visited an unapproved website.

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Data Storage Recording Made Easier

May 2nd, 2015 | Posted in Computer

There are many activities that may require storage tools. Storing data or recording something important should be easy and simple. In the past, media such as music was stored on a cassette tape. There are now forms of data storage for music media that surpases the quality, storage capacity and portability of cassette tapes.  The compact disk or CD allows you to store more data, record it faster and conveniently transport more data when you are on the go. CD’s are also more secure. So if you have sensative data or presentations on your computer that you need to backup you may want to consider a CD to store your data more safely.

There are many CD utilities that can help facilitate how you save data. Some utilities allow you to store your favorite movies or songs online like you would on a CD and play them whenever you like. For added convenience you may want to consider quality CDs that come in a CD tub for easy long term storage.  The Verbatim CD-R is a versitile product for copying of film or songs to CD.

Quality DVDs are another storage solution that keeps your data free from viruses and secure.  Verbatim DVD-R is a an example of a DVD product that can meet your data storage needs. Whatever the storage format, verbatim offers data storage producs with a quality guaranteed.

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Living With Technology

March 16th, 2015 | Posted in Computer, Electronic

In today’s era, we can’t live without technology. Living without technology is almost impossible for human beings. Wrather its aknowledged or not, people and technology are inseperable. For example, the computer or laptop is our closest companion and most commonly used tool.  In addition to using computers and laptops, other related devices are used, such as printers and scanners.

Technology is growing rapidly and there are many companies offering many different types of technology in their stores. One company that provide many different types of technology products is Digital Switch. Whatever you are looking for is available on their website. You can find almost anything you need through this company’s website. It is much easier to find what you need online rather than going to a store. The website for this company is You can find information about the specifications, pictures, prices, and other information on this website. Whatever your technology need can meet it.

When searching for technology devices always remember It is easy to get what you need or want by using a good information technology company like

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Ben Silverman: The One Who Shapes Media Industry

March 14th, 2015 | Posted in Business, Computer

Television (TV) network plays a very important role in modern life. TV is where we get information and it has the power to control public opinion. TV network also creates new trends from their shows. Not to mention that TV is also the best place to become famous. Those who appear on TV often, whether they are movie stars, musicians, or even politicians, could suddenly become famous people with lots of fans.

Behind the TV network, there are some people with strong influence and power who control the industry. Among those media moguls, Ben Silverman is one of the most famous. He recently held a position as Co-chairman of NBC and Universal Media Network. Ben Silverman is one of the most influencial names in the TV and media industry today. His fame stems from Emmy-winning TV programs created under his supervision as executive producer. Prior to a leadership position at NBC, Ben Silverman built his reputation in his previous work at the BBC, Disney Channel, USA Network and more. He produced some of the most successful and influencial TV shows like Ugly Betty, The Office, The Tudors, and The Biggest Losers. It seems like you can find his name in the running titles of the most popular shows on TV.

While he was at NBC, he made brilliant moves leading NBC a revival after losing huge hits like Friends, The West Wing and The Office. With his brilliant business intuition, he created new hits for NBC and developed a strategic partnership with a satellite television network. This brilliant business strategy lead him to achieve the Honorary Rose award in 2008. Once again Ben Silverman shows his sharp business intuition when he left his prestigious position at NBC to form a new company called InterActiveCorp (IAC). This company is the answer of fast growing new media platforms. IAC produces and distribute programs across media platforms, from TV to Web networks and even mobile devices.

Ben Silverman knows that media has very close relationship with the advertising industry. Media audiences offer the most potential for targeted advertising messages. That’s the reason why he formed a new company named Electus. This company offers integrated media solutions allowing content creators and branding partners to reach audiences like never before. Designed as next generation studio, Electus could deliver wide ranges of programming options for both traditional and new media platforms to reach their target market effectively.

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Enhance the Utilization of Your Laptop with LAPTOP STAND

January 18th, 2015 | Posted in Computer, Pocket Pc

Today we prefer miniaturization and simplicity. Numerous companies provide miniaturized products for the convenience of their customers. Laptop computers are ideally portable and comfortable to carry. They can be enhanced when we purchase an appropriate Laptop Stand. The Laptop Stand allows your laptop to be used like a conventional desktop computer. The use of a laptop computer in addition to all the privileges of a desktop personal computer probably sounds fascinating. There are different ways of making a laptop computer enticing by enhancing it with several laptop accessories. Here is a quick and short overview to provide insight.

Laptops are favorable for surfing the net or sending e-mails but when used for long periods of time, typing documents or code, it’s more effective to use a stand, mouse and keyboard. A Laptop Stand is the basic accesory, but in addition to the stand there are numerous laptop accessories that are useful.  Looks are important too. A desktop compatible mouse does not always look good with the beautiful laptop computer. A cute and fine-looking laptop accessory will better harmonize with a beautiful laptop.

Many businessman carry laptops, and electronic commerce is highly popular across the world nowadays. There are a lot of online stores that provide necessary laptop accessories and laptop stands. Adjustable laptop stands may be the most convenient option for utilizing a laptop computer on a desk. Sitting the labtop computer on a desk will help to keep the monitor at eye level. Still a lot of laptop users do not prefer their monitor at eye level and rather have an adjustable stand.

Using a laptop computer in conjunction with an external keyboard guarantees a hassle free typing experience. With different laptop computer accessories, like the external keyboard, it’s feasible to customize the laptop computer for better use. If you are concerned about ergonomics, keeping your laptop computer cool, and angling the screen in the perfect position then a laptop stand will be worth buying.

There are several computer hardware vendors who promise popular hardware but usually have a hard time keeping laptop accessories in stock.  So, it’s best to search over the internet for reliable online shops that provide essential laptop accessories and laptop stands. We recommend you visit to find laptop accessories and laptop stands that meet your needs. Online shops are a more dependable option because paying online is relatively secure.  There are a broad array of online resources that provide information about different laptop computer accessories and a quick self search is always a nice idea.

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Gaming Desktop Computers

May 28th, 2012 | Posted in Computer, Uncategorized

Desk top PC’s is more then one in a home. The computer savvy has made every one to reach through this technology. The desktop PC provide with various avenues which are relevant to your children and yourself. You can handle and place them wherever you need them. However, it is you to decide what type of desktop you need for several places in your house. For everyone the desktop PC provides entertainment ant knowledge based information that is required for you to understand and operate accordingly. You can view photo and can interact with people who are thousand miles away. In fact you can browse for music and film which are attractive in a PC then otherwise. The system provides you to improvise on the screen view and enjoy your improvised PC. The other use of PC is for business purpose that helps you in keeping your vital records and provides you to act on a sensible method.

The PC provides you with all accounting problem apart from giving the benefit to your home and child. However, if you install certain software’s that will give you the perfect data and picture that you need. Moreover the PC provides the strength to accumulate your data and keep them for other uses. That provides perfect data for accounting and they are basically encrypted, if you require. With the accountancy spread sheet provided you have a confirmed idea of what you need to do. The OP3 desktop PC is the best for such activities. They have the quality software and provide the perfect results. If you opt for OP3 then you get various formulations like the gaming, multi-media and the business operation. They are able to customize your desktop to provide such results. is competent to customize your PC and give you the desired result. Moreover they are experts in designing the custom made PC for your benefit. They have their budget that satisfies every individual according to their requirement. On official use you can ask their services to provide a module which is secret and viable. Eventually they provide a considerable discount on their services to up grade and insert certain software for you requirement. It is obviously a challenge for them when you decide to opt for OP3 PC. If you want the necessity then contact the sales department of OP3 to provide you with the serviceable PC. There are various factors to be considered before providing you the perfect technology.

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