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How Does The Free CCleaner Compare With Other Registry Cleaners?

August 27th, 2016 | Posted in Computer, Data Recovery

CCleaner, a registry repair tool that comes in both a free and a paid version, created by the Piriform company, is known for being a blazingly fast registry cleaner. In fact, we’ve timed it on our office computer, and it finished a registry scan in just under 15 seconds. It only picked up one error. Our first question was: How thorough a scan was that?

Other registry cleaners that we’ve run on our computer have taken anywhere from a minute or more (many in the two to four minute range) to more than six or eight minutes, and in some cases up to 14 minutes. Our natural curiosity wonders how a scan that only lasts for 15 seconds can possibly be as thorough as a two or four or six minute scan.

Obviously, CCleaner doesn’t scan as many files as these other cleaners. How can it in fifteen seconds? And our results have born out these findings. Other cleaners, like RegCure, have ended up picking up more errors and empty entries in their scans than CCleaner. RegCure picked up eighty-six errors on the same machine in which CCleaner only picked up one. But then that’s attributable to the variation in the search algorithm used. Each utility has its own definition of parameters for choosing what it ranks as an error in the registry. Some, choose to error on the side of caution, and therefore pick up fewer errors.

While we like the free version of CCleaner, we just can’t get over the fact that it only picks up a fraction of the errors that other utilities pick up. And it does this on a regular basis. What counts, though, is the fact that your registry hasn’t been damaged by the cleaning, and you’re still able to use it without having to restore the backup of the old registry. In other words, it doesn’t disable the use of the computer.

One of CCleaner’s main selling features is that it can do more than just clean the registry. It comes with a system cleaning function (to clean up old and unused system files and logs), a Tools function (with tools to uninstall programs, manage your system’s start-up menu, find a missing file, restore the system to an earlier date, and a drive wiper), and an Options tab (that allows you to manage cookies, an include/exclude function for files to be cleaned), and an Advanced settings tab (which, among other things, allows you to restore the default settings as well as nine other items).

While we cannot give CCleaner a one-hundred percent recommendation with regard to its registry cleaning ability, we can say that it may be a useful program to have with regard to its other capabilities if you don’t already use another program that will easily access these other maintenance options.

In the final analysis, all we can say is that CCleaner may be a program you might want to consider having around as an additional registry repair tool. It’s main attractiveness, for us and perhaps you also, comes in the added feature functions it can perform. However, we don’t consider it to be powerful enough to be a frontline tool for keeping your registry unclogged. Use it as a backup or an adjunct, but not as your main registry utility.

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QuickBooks File Recovery

May 1st, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

Are you unable to start QuickBooks Shipping Manager? Is your QBW file inaccessible? This behavior may occur due to corrupt QuickBooks database or missing key files. In such cases, QuickBooks application cannot read the database and you come across severe problems. It leads to critical data loss situations and require Intuit QuickBooks recovery if you do not have a valid and updated backup in place.

As a practical example of this problem, you may come across the below given error message while trying to open the QuickBooks Shipping Manager:

“Invalid ShipRush database path… Database is corrupt. Key files are missing”

After the above error message, database opening process gets interrupted and you cannot access data from it. In order to gain access of your business-critical data in such cases, you need to figure out the cause of this behavior and repair corrupt QuickBooks file.

What causes QuickBooks Shipping Manager errors in QuickBooks?

As stated in the above error message, this behavior occurs due to damaged QBW database or missing critical files.

QBW file may corrupt due to numerous reasons, which include virus infection, application malfunction, improper system shutdown, user errors, and more.


In order to sort out this behavior, you must rebuild the QuickBooks first to restore missing files of QuickBooks installation. For this purpose, go through the underwritten steps:

Locate to QuickBooks installation using Windows Explorer.

Right-click the Database.v folder.

Choose Cut from pop-up menu.

Paste this folder to another location on hard drive.

Repair QuickBooks installation using Control Panel.

After completion of repair process, open QuickBooks Shipping Manager.

You see ‘rebuilding indices’ message at this point.

Let it complete.

After successful completion of rebuild process, QuickBooks should work properly.

In case you are still unable to access the QuickBooks database, problem is due to database corruption. At this stage, you must have an absolute backup of your precious QBW database to restore data from it. However, if there is no backup in place, Intuit repair is the only way to work around this issue.

You can easily repair and restore corrupt Intuit QuickBooks database using third-party Intuit recovery software. The applications come equipped with simple and rich graphical user interface to offer easy recovery in all QBW file corruption circumstances.

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Data Loss and the Essential Hard-Drive Recovery Report

April 27th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

Sometimes the most horrible nightmare becomes a shocking reality. You might keep hearing some little voices coming from your computer, which are the symptoms of hard drive failure. The voices keep echoing throughout the head as you carry out a quick inventory all the critical data and information that you just lost. The lost data may include client databases, years of valuable emails, whole inventory database, project reports, financial and audit reports and even your memorable family pictures. In all such cases, hard drive recovery comes for your rescue. Lost data can be recovered in most of the cases easily and perfectly.

Today, the data recovery is a growing and multi-million dollar industry. There are so many recovery companies available in the market, which specialize in helping data-loss victims to retrieve data from logically or physically damaged storage media or devices.

There are some critical things that you should keep in mind when the data-loss occurs and while selecting for a recovery solution.

What you should do in case of data loss

More than 40% of data loss is resulted by physical failure. This is really important to ensure that you immediately turn off your system if you suspect hard drive crash. You should not start the computer again and again. It might cause further damage and permanent data loss. Physical data-loss can not be handled by user itself and thus you should not open the drive in general environment.

Other than hardware issues, data-loss may also occur due to logical failure. The logical failure occurs due to file system corruption, system metadata structure corruption, hard drive formatting, virus infection, accidental deletion and other similar causes.

It can be handled by user itself, without having sound and prior technical skills.

The hard drive recovery solutions are different for both of the above data-loss situations. Physical data-loss needs personalized help from recovery professionals, known as recovery service. The service is performed in safe and controlled surroundings of Clean Rooms by skilled professionals, using advanced tools and techniques.

On the other hand, in case of logical data-loss, you can perform quick and easy recovery using data recovery software. These are powerful and advanced third party applications, which perform methodical scan of whole storage media using efficient scanning mechanisms and retrieve all of the missing, lost and inaccessible data.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the foremost provider of finest recovery solutions to handle every type of data-loss situation. Recovery service is achieved in Class 100 Clean Rooms by experienced specialists using cutting-edge technologies. Software is available for Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux and Novell operating systems.

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Crashed HDD Data Recovery

April 25th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

It is inevitable that if you have lived in the modern world for any amount of time, you have used and own a computer. The advent of this technology has seen the last two decades offer new and revolutionary technology that has forever changed the way humans work and communicate. However, as with almost technology, as things become more advanced, the more there is to go wrong. At the core of most of these technologies is a component known as a hard disk drive (HDD). This acts as the storage centre of the computer or device; housing all its files and most importantly, operating system such as Windows 7 or Mac OS. This makes is one of the most crucial parts of a computer, and they are also found in iPods, tablet computers and even cars.

Hard drives operate by reading and writing data to a very fast spinning disk, known as a ‘platter.’ When a hard drive fails, it can be a huge problem, because essentially, everything that has ever been saved on it is lost.

It can happen at any time, and most people don’t understand if and how it’s possible to recover their data when this happens. Data recovery is not a simple task, and can often end up costing thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of data that needs to be retrieved. There are many providers that can do this, such as Kroll Ontrack Australia, which provides expert hard drive recovery tool.

Due to the fact it is usually the only moving part in a device, it is much more prone that other parts to fail. Having a crashed hard drive is far more common that total failure, however crashed hard drive data recovery can also be difficult.

Accidental deletion is also a very common problem, and for both of these, there is software easily available that can help recover lost files. The hard drive data recovery tool Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro is an example of this, as it is a sophisticated industry tool that can potentially recover files that have been accidentally lost or deleted as the result of a crashed hard drive.

The best method of recovering hard drives – is quite simply preventative action, which means back up your data. There are countless ways to do this, such as buying an external hard drive, or online backup services such as Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive, which offer free and effective backup. Investing a small amount of time and money can save thousands, as well as untold stress and frustration over losing data and needing hard drive data recovery. There are also several signs that a hard disk drive is going to fail, such as slow performance on the computer, and the computer making strange whirring and grinding sounds. If this happens, it is important to back up your data as quickly as possible and take it for repairs or replacement.


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Photo Recovery Software Free Download Full Version? – Tip!

April 21st, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

I know you’re probably wanting to recover a photo file, so i’ll be sure to keep the following report concise and easy to put to use. Feeling just like a sleuth solving an important case, i came upon several interesting facts that you need to know about. There is no question that if you’re serious about learning how to rescue damaged digital pictures you have to look over the useful and practical information here.

Click Here to recover a photo file now!

Leading things off, let us establish the fact that by the end of this review you’ll understand just what it takes to rescue damaged digital pictures.

I imagine one of the causes for your searching the web at the moment is probably because you’ve already realized that you need a professional to save your lost photos. In a latest web search i found a digital image recovery solution and i’m delighted to report that it’s so beneficial in these special cases and i’ll be glad to tell you what i learned. As one example, it turns out that it enables you to recover accidently deleted pictures, and i don’t need to spell out why this is a big deal. If that’s not enough, how about this? it recovers files like: BMP and Gif – consider for a minute what you might do with this.

You’re most likely getting imaginative now and thinking about the entire picture; continue with this article – i’m going to share some additional facts. Have you ever given any thought to additional reasons that could be to your advantage and that could further help you? Here is one idea – use it as a backup tool for all your photos. In my initial encounter with it, i had no idea it could make these things possible, but gradually i found that there is potential here that’s quite impressive.

You are probably now geared up to recover a photo file, please keep in mind that soon it is likely to become much more accessible. I’m sure you realize how many advances are constantly being made; it doesn’t take long to check the latest status, and i imagine you’re already better informed about some of the latest changes. I believe that what you’ll realize about Digital Picture Recovery right after reading this article, will grab your attention and will cause you to rethink your current methods and will show you how easily success can be yours. Now that you’ve gotten this far, i strongly suggest that you now “strike while the iron is hot” and check it out for yourself – how else will you know if it’ll work for you? In conclusion, let me just make clear to you that this is a big subject with lots to discover, but i’ve aimed to equip you with the heart of the matter.

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Apple Data Recovery

April 19th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

There used to be a time when a device malfunctioned and you just threw it away.  Call it a lemon and get a new one – or maybe a better version.  When my first cell phone crashed 12 years ago, I simply went to Radio Shack and bought a new one.  I asked my 4 friends who also had cell phones to repeat their numbers and that was the end of it.


Not anymore.  As technology is becoming more complicated and – at the same time – a greater necessity of our daily lives, the dependence on technological devices has also increased.  Errors and malfunctions can no longer simply be ignored or discarded.  We fill these devices with data and information that becomes critical to our daily lives.  The loss of this information, or merely timely access to it, can have disastrous results on both our professional and personal lives.  I am not trying to get on my soap box on this issue, merely stating that this is the way that things are – for better or for worse.


While it is arguably the best technology in the world, and indisputably in the top 5 or 10, Apple has created a host of products that have become ingrained in daily lives.  Apple started with computers to compete with IBMs.  They would eventually hit gold with the Macintosh models.  This would evolve into the IMacs that ran on an OSX operating system that proved to be cleaner and less susceptible (or at least less targeted) for viruses compared to Microsoft Windows.  ITunes and the IPod would follow, completely revolutionizing how users obtain and listen to music.  The cell phone industry was rocked to its core with the development of the IPhone – which almost instantly made the Blackberry appear to be obsolete.  Last year, Apple changed the way that we think about portable computing with the release of the IPad, a simple computing system focusing primarily on media and web programs/applications – the goal being to include most the features that laptop users use regularly while eliminating those that are more rarely delved into (all incorporating into a touch screen interface).


Despite all these successful and quality products, even Apple’s products are not beyond having errors and malfunctions.  When these machines crash, large amounts of music files, pictures (jpegs), personal data, work documents, or other information may be at serious risk.  Apple products are no more immune to needing data recovery than those of most other technology industry giants.


If you need data recovery for an Apple product, bear in mind that (for good reasons) Apple runs its computers on a different operating system than most companies.  This does not mean that it is more difficult to recovery items from an Apple device, only that it is done a little differently compared to most recovery processes.  Therefore, should you need data recovery for an Apple product, it is important to make sure that the company you are using for the recovery is adept at handling Apple products.  Simple research on their qualifications and past experiences should suffice.


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How To Recover Data From A Corrupted Hard Drive

April 19th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

John is very depressed today as the hard drive of his computer got corrupted. It was loaded with a lot of important data like his bank transaction details, Family photos and videos. Like john you may also face similar kind of situation. There are many computer repair companies that offer data recovery support, but the cost of their service is quite high. There are also various tools available in the market that could be used to retrieve data from a corrupted hard drive.

Whenever hard drive gets corrupted most of the people think that the situation has gone out of control. But the reality is that there are many ways to recover data from a corrupted hard drive. Well, before talking about solution to recover corrupted hard drive, let’s discuss why such problems occur. Various causes are there but the key reason behind a corrupted hard drive is improper shut down. Many computer users don’t shut Windows down by following proper method. Instead, they switch off of the power supply of the PC.

Hard drives can get corrupted due to a computer virus infection. But if you scan the corrupt hard drive, it may reduce the chance of recovering data. At the time of formatting the hard drive for the first time, file allocation systems like FAT or NTFS need to be chosen. Those who are using Linux, they need to choose ext1, ext2, ext3, etc. If you choose the FAT 32 format for the hard drive then a corrupted hard drive means the FAT in your computer has got corrupted. Due to this reason, the computer processor can not access the files that you want. The FAT or File Allocation Table is nothing but a database where the respective address of each file of your computer is located.

Now the question is how to recover corrupted hard drive. By following certain steps, you can easily recover a corrupted hard drive. You need to use data recovery software to accomplish this task. If the operating system is stored in the corrupted drive the process will be a bit tougher as you won’t start your PC properly. If any drive other than the operating system drive gets corrupted start your PC and try to copy the files from your corrupted hard drive to your master hard drive. If it is done, then simply format the corrupted hard drive.

As mentioned, to fix a corrupted hard drive you may also choose a data recovery software application. There are many such software applications available in the market and some of them are absolutely free. Pick a good software application and resolve the issue.

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Best Data Recovery Tips

April 17th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

Personal computers are becoming the really top instrument we can not do without. You’ll agree with me that inside the past, companies used file to complete all of their corporate assignment. Nowadays, even should you are not computer literate you can not be employed by any organization. Computer systems are machine but they are not excellent device consequently they are opened to crash at any time. The onus there may be on you using this machine to actually keep your files intact.

Computers are such a excellent instrument that they can virtually do anything but inside the situation of eventually if they shed your tough earned long standing files, what’s going to you need to do? You must ponder on this truly well simply because information loss is capable of sending a huge enterprise outfit out of operation and several huge corporate outfits have realized it. Most of these huge time organizations now have specialists in charge of keeping their information for them. Might I ask you this that should you drops your file that you have worked for in over two years till date, what will you do? This is where I feel the case of info restoration comes in. Several individuals think info lost can not be regained but I am bold to tell you that it is extremely much more than feasible to recover your information no matter what the case might be.

Any file unintentionally deleted can be restored from the recycle bin but in the circumstance of complex issue that you discover oneself at the cross road, you may require the info recovery software. Even within the case of formatting your program, you’ll be able to still recover your info simply because your pc has not been condemned finally. Nevertheless if you do not know how you can do all these yourself, it is much better you contact PCtech recovery expert to manage this for you. Do not wait till you commence having information loss issue prior to you prepare for any eventuality. There have been plenty of cases of data reduction that have stopped companies from operating all due to the fact there is no location for info restoration plan.

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Specialized Raid 5 Data Recovery

April 15th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

When you need RAID 5 data recovery, it should be done by the experienced specialists to get the optimum results. RAID 5 distributes data across numerous disks. The data is divided into blocks and each block is stored on a different drive. Parity block is being stored on a solo drive and distributed among many disks. In case of a solo disk failure, the arrangement can rebuild. Although when this rebuild process fails, all data becomes inaccessible and data recovery RAID 5 needs to be done by the experts.

RAID is an acronym for a “redundant array of independent disks.” It is a set of disk drives that group together and access base on a pre-set arrangement to give striping, data mirroring, or redundancy. You need world-class expertise for RAID 5 data recovery when failure occurs due to a number of reasons. These reasons include data corruption, power surge, data deletion or format, virus attack, or inadvertent reconfiguration of RAID volume among other reasons.

Recover RAID 5

RAID 5 data recovery is an intricate process. If your RAID 5 system fails, you need professional RAID 5 data recovery experts to rebuild RAID 5. RAID 5 is a redundant hard drive array and it uses at least three hard drives to securely duplicate and manage data. If you lose one partition, it is likely to carry out RAID 5 repair using specialized techniques.

Professional Expertise

RAID 5 data retrieval can be done by experts specialized in the field for RAID 5 recovery at their site which has state-of-the-art facilities. When you contact Data recovery RAID 5 technicians, you are given a free evaluation to decide what can be done for RAID 5 data recovery. Confidentiality of your data is assured and the work to rebuild RAID 5 is completed in two or three days. You can also contact the emergency services which are available 247 to Recover RAID 5.

Various Problems Related To Raid

RAID 5 data recovery experts can deal with various related problems to recover RAID 5.

* Drive not booting missing file.
* Clicking drives.
* RAID controller failure.
* Damaged striping.
* Corrupt or damaged partition table.
* RAID device not ready.
* Inaccessible boot device.
* Failure of more than one RAID set drives.
* Accidental deletion of partition.
* Multiple drive and component failure.

When you suspect a failure in your RAID 5 array, it is important not to reboot the system as it may cause serious damage and system failure. When you hear unusual noises or clicking sounds, it is recommended to power down rather than continue to run the failed drive as it can cause complete loss of your data. When you suspect any damage or failed drive, the wise thing to do is to call the RAID 5 data recovery professionals who have more than a decade of experience in RAID 5 recovery. You can trust them to take care of RAID 5 repair in the most efficient manner which will have you up and running in no time.

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Locksmith In West Palm Beach

April 11th, 2012 | Posted in Data Recovery, Uncategorized

Locksmith in West Palm Beach include a twenty four hour emergency locksmithing service for all residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith requirements. A locksmith is able to gain entry into a premises for a person whom has been inadvertently locked out due to the loss of keys or leaving the keys inside the home with the option of spare keys cut on site. Residential locksmiths offer a full lock change service for home owners who may have been burgled and prefer to have all the locks in the home changed at very competitive prices.

Automotive emergency locksmith services include rapid response at home or on the roadside especially if there are children involved. The extraction of a snapped key in an ignition, damaged lock and ignition repair service, and ECU programming and immobiliser work amongst all other types of automotive locksmith work are carried out with due diligence by our dedicated staff. A car lockout and on site key replacement service including laser keys are also available. A 24 hour vehicle locksmith will carry all the tools and equipment necessary for most automotive locksmithing needs.

Commercial locksmith services can solve many problems for the business including replacement locks for forced or glued locks, shutter lock replacement and on site key replacement service for many different makes of locks. Locksmiths for safes can assist in gaining access into locked safes and cabinets without the need for forcing them open. Our 24 hour locksmith service will ensure the smooth running of any business at any hour of the day or night and offers re-keying services.

Locksmith service in West Palm Beach are professional locksmiths whom are trained in all major locksmith services. A complete home safety check can be made by the locksmith to ensure all locks are suitable and correctly installed to prevent possible future problems. Locksmiths will carry a wide variety of locks of high quality and affordable prices to suit all pockets for virtually any eventuality. Window locking mechanisms and locks are a speciality and can be fitted quite quickly to assure a homeowner of security through the night.

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