Managing Your Own Website Is Now a Big NO!

September 20th, 2011 | Posted in Information Technology, Uncategorized

Needing someone who can manage all the infrastructure of your website? A good information technician maybe? But it will cost you lots of money, better save them and go to your computer search for your hosting site and click theirĀ managed hostingĀ program. It will save you a lot of money from hiring an information technician of your own.

Its server will managed all the technical support, monitor all the activities and have its maintenance all the time.

It is different from web hosting that will just give you only the server but you still have to do the maintenance and administration of the site. From the word Managed it means to do or organized all the doings in your web site. It will help you configure every web server of every web site; have managed every back up files and etc. in a way the user is not the owner of the server but he or she is just the leaser of the server. so now, will you hire a technician and waste a lot of money or just go to the internet, type the word managed hosting and find a plan that will fits or suits your web site needs?