Site Types Varies Greatly

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A internet web hosting support is truly a kind of Web web hosting support that enables people and organizations to create their personal web site accessible by way of the Globe Broad Internet. The scope of web hosting solutions varies widely. One from the most fundamental is internet internet page and small-scale file web hosting, exactly where files could be uploaded by way of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or perhaps a Internet interface. The documents are generally delivered towards the Internet “as is” or with small processing. Individuals may also acquire Internet web page web hosting from other, option support companies. Numerous big businesses who aren’t web support companies also require a pc permanently connected towards the internet so they are capable to send e-mail, documents, and so on. to other websites. Additionally these individuals might choose to location on the internet orders.

Free of charge internet web hosting support: provided by various businesses with restricted solutions, occasionally supported by advertisements, and frequently restricted when compared to paid web hosting.

Usually, all domains might share a typical pool of server means, for example RAM and also the CPU. The functions obtainable with this kind of support could be very considerable. A shared web site might be hosted having a reseller.

Reseller internet web hosting: enables customers to turn out to be internet hosts themselves. Resellers could purpose, for person domains, below any combination of these listed kinds of web hosting, based on who they’re affiliated with like a supplier. Resellers’ accounts might vary tremendously in size: they might have their personal virtual devoted server to some collocated server. Numerous resellers supply a almost identical support to their provider’s shared web hosting strategy and supply the technical assistance themselves.

VPS will frequently be allocated means depending on a 1 machine to numerous VPSs romantic relationship, nevertheless virtualisation might be carried out for numerous factors, such as the capability to move a VPS container in between servers. An additional kind of Devoted web hosting is Self-Managed or Unmanaged. This truly is generally the least costly for Devoted plans. The individual has complete administrative accessibility towards the box, which means the customer is accountable for that security and maintenance of his personal devoted box.

The individual usually doesn’t personal the machine. The server is leased towards the customer.

Colocation internet web hosting support: similar towards the devoted internet web hosting support, however the individual owns the colo server; the web hosting organization offers physical room that the server requires up and requires care from the server. In most instances for colo, the customer would have his personal administrator go to the information middle on website to do any hardware upgrades or modifications.

Cloud Web hosting: is really a new kind of web hosting platform that enables clients effective, scalable and dependable web hosting depending on clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing. Clustered web hosting: having numerous servers web hosting the exact same content material for much better resource utilization. Clustered Servers are a ideal answer for high-availability devoted web hosting, or making a scalable internet web hosting answer. Grid web hosting: this form of distributed web hosting is when a machine cluster acts just like a grid and is composed of numerous nodes.
Some ISPs actively make an effort to block house servers by disallowing incoming requests to TCP port 80 from the user’s connection and by refusing to supply static IP addresses. A typical method to attain a dependable DNS hostname is by making an account having a dynamic DNS support. A dynamic DNS support will automatically change the IP address that a URL points to when the IP address modifications.

The channel partner might rent a devoted machine from the web hosting organization, or resell shared web hosting solutions. Reseller web hosting is also an affordable way for internet web hosting entrepreneurs to begin a organization. Most channel partner web hosting strategies permit resellers to produce their personal support plans and select their personal pricing structure.

Site Types These Days

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Numerous resellers supply a nearly identical support to their provider’s shared web hosting strategy and supply the specialized assistance on their own.

An additional kind of Devoted web hosting is Self-Managed or Unmanaged. A typical method to attain a dependable DNS hostname is by making an account having a dynamic DNS support. The customers might have root accessibility to their personal virtual room.
The individual has complete administrative accessibility towards the box, which indicates the customer is accountable for the security and maintenance of his personal devoted box.
The reseller purchases the host’s solutions wholesale and then sells them to clients for any profit. Devoted web hosting support: the individual will get her or his personal Internet machine and gains complete manage more than it (root accessibility for Linux/administrator accessibility for Windows); nevertheless, the individual usually doesn’t personal the server. A shared web site might be hosted having a reseller.

One from the most fundamental is internet page and small-scale file web hosting, exactly where documents could be uploaded by way of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or perhaps a Internet interface. Try this hosting information for today.
Numerous big businesses who aren’t web support companies also require a pc permanently connected towards the internet so they are capable to send e-mail, documents, and so on. These could be purpose-built machines or much more commonly old PCs. They might also use the pc like a web site host so they are capable to supply details of their goods and solutions to anybody interested. Resellers could purpose, for person domains, under any combination of these listed kinds of web hosting, based on who they’re affiliated with like a provider. The channel partner might rent a devoted machine from the web hosting organization, or resell shared web hosting solutions. The scope of web hosting solutions varies broadly. House server: generally just one machine placed inside a private residence could be utilized to host 1 or much more internet websites from the generally consumer-grade broadband connection.

Internet hosts may also supply information middle room and connectivity towards the Web for servers they don’t personal to become situated in their information middle, known as colocation.

Additionally these individuals might decide to location on the internet orders.

A internet web hosting support is truly a kind of Web web hosting support that enables people and organizations to create their personal web site accessible by way of the Globe Broad Internet. A particular portion of difficult drive and bandwidth is allocated towards the reseller account. This truly is one from the most effective and costly kind of internet web hosting support. The individual usually doesn’t personal the server. Managed web hosting support: the individual will get his or her personal Internet server but isn’t allowed complete manage more than it (root accessibility for Linux/administrator accessibility for Windows); nevertheless, they’re permitted to handle their information by way of FTP or other remote management tools. Free of charge internet web hosting support: provided by various businesses with restricted solutions, occasionally supported by ads, and frequently restricted when in comparison to compensated web hosting.

Shared internet web hosting support: one’s web site is placed about the exact same server as numerous other websites, ranging from the couple of to hundreds or thousands.
The functions obtainable with this kind of support could be very considerable. to other websites.
The files are generally delivered towards the Internet “as is” or with small processing. A cluster might separate internet serving from database web hosting capability.
This truly is generally the least costly for Devoted plans.
Channel partner web hosting is truly a form of internet web hosting wherein the account owner has the capability to use his/her allotted difficult generate room and bandwidth to host web sites on behalf of third parties. Clustered Servers are a ideal answer for high-availability devoted web hosting, or making a scalable internet web hosting answer. The standard internet web hosting reseller may be a internet design organization, internet developer or techniques integrator who provides internet web hosting as an add-on support. Within the latter case, the channel partner is merely provided the permission to market a particular quantity of disk room and bandwidth to his personal clients without having renting a server from the internet web hosting organization he signed for any channel partner account with.

Resellers’ accounts might differ tremendously in size: they might have their personal digital devoted server to some collocated machine. Reseller web hosting is also an affordable way for internet web hosting entrepreneurs to begin a organization. Company internet website web hosting frequently has a greater expense.

The individual is disallowed complete manage to make sure that the supplier can guarantee high quality of support by not permitting the individual to modify the machine or possibly produce configuration difficulties.

Website Design Proposal

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Writing a website design proposal can seem foreign to a lot of web designers and developers? Why you ask? Because creating a proposal is not like creating a CSS rollover menu or coding a virtual shopping cart which plugs into an SQL database…and it’s not like customising a Flash object either. It’s different – primarily because it’s not a web-based technical skill which seems to come naturally to so many developers. It’s also not something we love doing and it’s not terribly exciting. Moreover, writing proposals can also be tedious, frustrating and very time-consuming. Bottom line – it just ain’t fun!

You may not like it, but your Web Design Business needs it

And here comes the part that you don’t want to hear – creating a proposal is 100% necessary because it’s your best shot at winning the job. It’s your best shot at engaging the client, impressing them and ultimately getting them to give you the winning bid. A website design proposal is your chance to show the client that you understand their project needs and that you’re capable of delivering a solution that is better defined, estimated, implemented and costed than any your competitors. Actually, in my experience, cost is not that really big a factor for the client – professionalism and quality of service play a much bigger role, for they inadvertently create a perception of trust and trust is without doubt the number # 1 reason who a client decides to do business with. This is why creating website design proposal is imperative and has so much pull with the client – it installs in them confidence that you’re the person for the job.

How to write a Website Design Proposal that sells!

You’re probably thinking “So how do I write a website design proposal that’s going to kick-butt like you say?”. Good question!

It basically comes down to getting the structure right – that is, you need to include all the relevant areas that go into estimating and developing a website. These areas include : project summary, user requirements, project benefits, functional and technical specifications, information architecture, project considerations and assumptions, project phases and last – but not least – project costs. You see, it’s the sum of these parts that go into creating a proposal that gives the client a solid picture of what you can do for them. A proposal can also include additional details such as design mock-ups, flow charts, hosting, maintenance, etc, but these aren’t entirely necessary. The main point is to keep it focused, stick to the basics and to not overwhelm the client with too much information.

Don’t neglect the user’s requirements

I just want quickly touch upon the area of identifying, analysing and clarifying the user’s requirements – otherwise known as requirements analysis – when writing a website design proposal.

Requirements analysis plays a major role in a website design proposal because it helps you and your clients define what it is they want (i.e. the project objectives) and what it is you can provide (i.e. deliverables – detailed in the functional and technical specifications section of your proposal). The deliverables actually constitute the scope of the project. Your estimates, timelines and costs are based on your deliverables. And what are the deliverables based upon?….you guess it – the user’s requirements.

Internet Style Market

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It is really crucial for internet growth organizations to maintain very best practices in web design business. The internet growth and design business has grown in leaps and bounds because couple of many years. The advancement firm will need to have clear suggestions about the style, improvement, testing, support, and internet hosting phases of the venture. All the venture paperwork really should be effectively studied and analyst should put together a scope functions document. Following approval, style crew need to use common Google tips to style the web page. The layout should be well organized and shades scheme need to be synchronized at buttons, menu items and distinct sections of the residence page.

The internet layout firms need to adopt implementing the style in W3C/CSS confined layouts. They ought to implement every and each and every web page with the compliance to make the net web site seem and feel skilled. The sections really should not overlap and all pages need to look clean and correctly aligned. It is critical to test the person interface properly along with overall performance of the internet site. It is essential that site should be browser grievance and need to open in regular cellular phones and other working methods like Windows, MAC with out any troubles.

A great web hosting with proper security certifications is very essential to sustain the overall performance and velocity of the internet layout. The internet hosting should be taken from authorized providers only like Host Gator. The support and maintenance crew need to be appointed to resolve fast issues. From search engine level of view, it is quite important that website should have marketplace related tags, search phrases to appeal to crawlers of Google. This will generate visitors and leads in the site helping the portal to obtain business targets. All the pages need to be coded in modular model to make fast updates in the later levels. The use of modern scripting techniques like JavaScript, AJAX guarantees the dynamic features are displayed in the easiest person interface.

Means Register A Domain Name

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If you want a website you should consider the possibility of registering the domain name, rather than using a free site where your name is a sub-domain of another. Domain names such as the, or the are a good way to announce your online presence.

Choosing a name that fits your business or presence online is a great way to get the news out about the service that you’re offering to the public. It also tends to lend legitimacy to your online endeavors.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

As a rule, there is no perfect domain name. There are some guidelines that you ‘re going to want to use, such as naming the domain something that is related to your online business or service. A few tips on how to name your domain that may help you to choose:

Try to name the domain closely to the service.i.e. if you offer jewelry and the name is gone, try for or something that fits.
The alternative is naming your domain something you might type into a search engine to find your service. If you’d use the search jewelry online, then try the domain names, cheap-jewelry, cheapjewelryonline, or some variant.
If you can’t get the names that you want, try variations with hyphens or underscores. Google sees the hyphen as a space and according to Matt Cutts, his preference is first for the hyphenated and then the all in one terms.
A good rule is to keep the domain name as short as you can get it and still make it reflective of your service.,/LI>

Finding a Registrar

Generally speaking, a domain name that cost you 19.99 a month is no more secure and no more legitimate than one that you pay just 9.99 for. Every domain is registered through a registrar which is an employee, if you will, of ICANN.
You pay for the domain name for one or two years, which gives you the right to use it for that period of time. Prior to the expiration you are required to re-register it if you want to keep it for another time span.

Overview of Registration

You are often given the choice of receiving a lower cost domain name or a free one with a hosting purchase. My own preference is to use a registrar rather than to register with the host. In the past, using fine print that many of us don’t read, domain hosts registered the domains in their own name rather than the customers, effectively making them the owner of your domain. While this isn’t the norm, it’s better to be safe than lose your domain.

Registering with your own domain registrar assures that you are listed as the site owner, that other contact information is just as you wish it to be. Keep the domain locked to transfer as a rule of thumb when you are finished registering.

Domain names go fast. You need to register as soon as you think of a name. Some people actually wait for others to search the names and if they aren’t purchased immediately, they will register them. We’re not sure how true that is but it does seem that you can check out a name to register today and it will be gone tomorrow.

Some people claim there are no good names left. Thats doubtful. One mans meat, as they say, is another mans poison. You will quite likely find what you’re looking for if you try variants of it.

To actively register the domain.
Log into your domain registrar.
You will need either a paypal account or a credit or debit card to register your name. Domain registrars don’t normally permit the use of any other type of funding.

The domain name that you’ve registered will go through and an email receipt will be sent to you. At this point you will need to go back into your domain registrar and change the DNS information to point to your hosting service so that your domain will show up online.

If you don’t yet have a hosting service then you can leave the domain parked on your registrar until you find one to use.

Domain Name Registrars

Some great domain name registrars are out there which are very reputable and offer great pricing. Several of those are listed here for your convenience. largest domain registration operator in the world, prices are a little higher than you may pay elsewhere operation but still offers five emails and domain parking until you have a host. Average domain cost is 7.99 for dot com’s and 6.50 for dot net domains.This is for the first year prices. Second year the prices rise to about 14.00 per domain. popular, still a bit on the pricey side for a domain. Prices are about 15 dollars per domain. per year domains with one free email address.

Domain Name Buying

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I would like to discuss 5 main issues with you, that you have possibly questioned before buying your 1st domain name.

1. What is a domain name?
2. Things to bear in mind when considering one.
3. Where do I purchase one from?
4. Are there any hidden expenses?
6. How much will one cost me?

1. What is a domain name?
A domain name is a part of a website address, usually the middle section. The website address will tend to start with www. then your domain name will follow straight after and without any gaps.

This is finished with various confusing strange letters like “.com” or “” or even “.org” and many others, but not to confuse you, we will just use one of them for explaining purposes.

We shall use “.com” and if our domain name was “domain name buying” for example, we would end up with www. followed by “domain name buying” and ending in “.com.”

Please do not get your domain name confused with your website address.

2. Things to bear in mind when deciding a domain name.
Some people get really stressed out, when deciding upon which domain name to choose. As long as you follow a couple of basic guide lines, this task should be enjoyable and exciting. Pick a name that is easy to remember.

Firstly, if we refer back to our imaginary domain name from the previous chapter above, we will be able to remember “domain name buying” a lot easier, than say “your web domain name registration created for you”

Now that was a bit of a mouthful wasn’t it? Now you might find that an easier way to remember it, is by going over it again and again and again and for yourself, that might work ok.

But when you verbally pass this on to someone, what are the chances of them finding your website… very slim. Have you ever played Chinese wispers and that’s without the www. to start with and the “.com” to finish with.

So keep it simple, don’t try and make things difficult. Remember you want your internet business expierience to be an enjoyable one!

Secondly, If possible, try and have the domain name related to the product that you are advertising. If we still use our good old friend “domain name buying” then it needs to revolve around that subject matter.

It’s no good using this domain name for house buying, as misleading your customers is a sure way of never seeing them again. Remember, trust is so hard to gain yet… so easy to lose.

3. Where do I purchase a domain name from?
These are purchased from A registrar. Start by going to Google and typing in the search bar… “start a domain name search.” You will now be spoilt for choice and faced with countless registrars.

Click on one of them and once it opens up follow the instructions. They are free to join, (but they will try to raid your pockets in other ways as you will find out in the next chapter).

Enter your preferred domain name to see if it is available. You will possibly need to adjust it slightly until you find one that you are happy with. Make double sure you always check domain names have been spelt correctly, as there is no going back once you have paid for it.

So finding a cheap web domain is pointless if unrelated to your product. These website domains that you are going to pick, are going to play a major part in your business, so take your time and enjoy the journey… you can now proceed to the check out and pay for your purchase.

4. Are there any hidden expenses?
Whilst you are making your way through the buying process within the registrar site, you will be faced with many, what we call up-sales.

These are tempting offers that they dangle in front of your eyes, so that they can put loads of add on features to your bill, (I did mention raiding your pockets, remember).

Now these do stand out like a sore thumb and trust me, you won’t miss them. But it is up to you to resist the temptation, of leaving their site with many times the value, of that what you intended to buy when entering.

Once again, trust me when I say, they are really good at persuading you. If you can picture being on a ghost train with all the crawlies hanging before you, then you’ve a pretty good idea of what I am trying to convey to you.

Now before you can use your domain name, you will need hosting and I will cover this in another topic.

But just so you know, FREE domain name hosting is available if you search around, but an up-sale will be thrown at you when on the ghost train.

Now like I say, you will need it, but as free domain name hosting can be found, why pay for something if you can get it for nothing.

5. How much will a domain name cost?
The good news, is that signing up for a domain name is FREE. The bad news is that your domain name itself will cost you about $10 a year. Also if you end up paying for a domain web host, this will cost you about $10 a month.

Although you will be sent a reminder to re-new your yearly fee, what I suggest you do, is pay for 2 years when signing up. A payment is usually required via paypal or credit card, so make sure you have either available.

Basic Rules Choosing Domain Names

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Always be careful while selecting a new domain name, it is like naming a newborn – it will be known by it for the rest of its life. So make sure that you choose such a name that you do not regret it later on in your blogging career. Finding a suitable domain name is always an uphill task and takes quite a lot of creativity since these days there are millions of domain names that are already registered.
Keep these 3 things in mind when you are choosing a domain name.

1. Keyword Optimized
The domain name you are going for should have your keyword. A keyword in your domain name will give you a boost ahead of the competition in your niche before you even write a single word. A well-researched domain name selection can do wonders to your search engine optimization. So list out the top 10 keywords that are related to your niche then try to pair them up with popular search terms or prefixes. This will help you try out a lot of different combination to come up with a great domain name. There are also a lot of domain name suggestion tools on the Internet, where you can enter a keyword and they will suggest interesting domain names along with random words/prefix/suffix.

2. Prefer Only .Com
Go for only .Com domains unless you want to regret it for the rest of your lives. It is true Google does not really differentiate much between the TLDs (Top level Domains), however people do. You will much better off with a .Com domain if you want to earn a psychological benefit of your readers and eliminate any chances of a traffic level. Many people have the habit of typing the domain name and hitting ctrl+enter, the visitor directly reaches a .Com domain. So even if they intend to visit your site they wont since they have forgotten your extension.

3. Keep it ASAP
Here the ASAP does not stand for “As Soon As Possible” as it usually does. ASAP for domain name means that it should be kept “As Short As Possible”. The shorter your domain name the more you reduce the probability of your visitors to make a spelling mistake. A short domain name also ensures that you can market your blog better. But keep in mind that the pressure to make your domain name short should not cut out keywords or reduce simplicity.

Expired Domains

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Purchasing expired domains for your use can be simple, affordable, and beneficial if you use them the correct way. This is because purchasing used domains that have become expired allows you to save money by reusing the same domain name instead of purchasing a brand new one. This is also a great way to get back links to the site that you actually would like to promote. You might want to use the domain for a number of reasons. They include using it for your own personal use, or fixing it up for resale at a later date.

Using Expired Domains

You can use a number of search engines to find domain names that have expired. This allows you to get the most when it comes to choosing which one to use. Of course, you can make your money back and more by using these names. They sell for less than a traditional domain name, and you get to pick the expired domains that you find would work best for the site. The choice is yours on what you would like to use, and how you would like to use it when it comes down to it since you’re the one purchasing the link.

Reselling Expired Domains

If you would like to resell the expired domains that you find then you will have to maintain them for a little while prior to selling them to another person. This might be difficult to do if you find that there is not a lot of interest in what the site is about. Ensure that you’re choosing expired domains that work with other people, and are something that interests other people as well. No one is going to want to purchase a domain name that they will not be able to use online for their own uses.

Simple Tips To Stop Forum Spam

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Online Forums provide so many benefits to all involved. The site owner is able to earn income and promote other websites through the forum, the moderator can earn experience and act as arbitrator of an online community and of course the members, who get to share ideas and experiences, receive practical advice and even gain some exposure.

Unfortunately, spammers and trolls destroy these experiences. Spammers and spam bots are a grave concern to any forum owner. Left unmonitored, spam can really devastate an online forum community. Fortunately, there are some tricks and tools available to help ease the problem.

1. Image Verification for Online Forums

More commonly known as captcha, image verification is one of the best ways to stop many of the the spam bots attempting automated registration. The captcha tool produces a test in the form of a distorted image, words, digits, an equation or a simple question for the user to retype or answer. Anyone entering the correct solution is presumed by the server to be human. It filters out automated spammers because other computers or servers cannot read or solve the captcha.

Online forum software should already have this feature incorporated. If not, find one of the many free CAPTCHA image verification tools for download.

2. Block Open Proxy Registrants

Open proxies are publicly available proxy servers, accessible by any internet user. The proxy server is a computer system or application program which acts as an intermediary between the user making the request and the other server. An internet user connects to the proxy server to request some service from another server. This may be a file, connection, a web page or another resource. The purpose of doing this is usually to stay anonymous or for security purposes.

Unfortunately, spammers use open servers to make registration requests on forums. When you receive a registration attempt from proxy servers, they are generally detrimental and malicious. You need to be able to detect open proxy registrations and prevent them. If your forum software doesn’t have this feature, you should download or purchase a mod which blocks open proxy registrants.

3. Configure Member Profile Required Fields

Requiring registrants to manually enter information is another way to help prevent spam on online forums. Don’t ask for too much information which personally identifies your members, such as their birth date and full name. Remember, Forum members like the anonymity offered by online discussions.

Rather, you may look at including a field for as to why the member wishes to join your forum. If you’re not satisfied their answer is legitimate, you can always deny their request.

4. Moderators for Online Forums

Moderators help eradicate spammy posts and users. They have the power to edit and/or delete posts and to deactivate or suspend members. It can be a demanding and stressful task, especially for busy discussion sites. If you’re struggling to moderate, you can either employ moderators or seek some voluntary help.

You will need specific forum rules and perhaps even training guides for your moderators. Make sure they know exactly what’s expected of them. Set up procedures for dealing with spammers. For example, some users may spam unintentionally, without even realizing they’re in breach. You want to weed out the real spammers without alienating unsuspecting members.

Unless the comments or members are clearly and unequivocally spam (you know which ones these include), then your moderators should give the member a chance to remedy their actions. Allowing users to edit or remove their own posts will make them feel more valuable than just deleting them without giving any reason. This will reduce your spam whilst maintaining good relationships with your members.

5. Email Confirmation

Many online forums already incorporate this verification feature. Upon registration, the software automatically sends an email to the address provided by the applicant. Most spammers never actually click the link to verify their email, which eliminates the spammy posts.

You may also disable website signatures. However, this method is not favored by website owners. Link signatures provide contributing members with recognition; an incentive to write meaningful posts.

Other ideas for helping reduce forum spam include IP blocking, swear filters, filtering URLs and site names, enabling flood control to limit the number of posts per user, using mass pruning, reporting spammers’ details to a blacklist websites and ISPs and allowing members to report spam via a link in each post and thread.

Spam detection and prevention is crucial to a thriving online community. Luckily there are ways to combat majority of the spam through mods and other tools available for online forums. Your legitimate members will appreciate your efforts to combat spam.

Stock Spam Can Help You

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Most network administrators are apt to here this complaint at least once a week. “I’ve been getting a lot of junk email lately, isn’t there anything you can do to stop it?”.

Well before you might have thought you were lost in the water without spending thousands on some 3rd party software like Symantec Mail Security or some like product. Which most likely doesn’t fit in your budget this quarter. So I’m here to introduce to you a way to nearly eliminate all spam from your organization. As long as you are running Exchange that is.

First so that you have a better understanding how this works I’m going to tell you a little about spammers and how they evade detection. There are actually a couple of methods. Either they are running their own server and just sending spam from it, this is highly unlikely. Or they could be relaying off of some poor system administrator who doesn’t know how to disable his SMTP server from being an open relay, most common. Lastly they could just be using a server on the net that actively allows people to send emails via SMTP anonymously and freely.

Well systems engineers out there have gotten smart and created what today is called Spam blacklists. A list can be found of all the spam blacklists on google directory.Basically if your server has been caught sending spam you will get added to this list. You may not even know it! However, you will soon start to tell when people come up to you “Hey I just tried to send email to John Doe and it wouldn’t go through.” Most likely you are on one of these blacklists. You can search for your email server’s ip address from a spam database lookup like the one found on DNS Stuff.

But now to the fun stuff. Exchange allows you to filter who can connect to your server via SMTP. It’s called connection filtering. And it’s very easy to configure. This can literally cut down on about 98% of your spam.

First thing you need to do is go to the Message Delivery properties in Exchange system manager. Once there go to the connection filtering tab.

The second step in this process is to actually add the servernames of the blacklist providing servers. Once again these can be found in the google directory. I personally only use the top three servers on the list because if you add them all it can be very processor intensive on your server and some of the smaller providers results may not be as accurate. Once you click the add button you will be able to add the servers. This window is very self explanatory. You basically just add the name of the server found on the google blacklist directory. From here you can also type custom messages as to what you want to return to the sending SMTP server for denying the connection. The variables for the custom messages are as follows.

%0 – connecting IP address
%1 – rule name of the Connection Filter
%2 – the RBL provider

Once you setup your custom error codes which are optional you can choose which types of blacklisted servers you want to block. You can do this by clicking on the return status code radio button. If you want to deny all servers listed on the blacklist then you can leave the default radio button selected. Or you can choose which custom blacklisted servers you want to block. Here are the options that you have to choose from. – Blocklist – Known Open Relay – DialUp IP Address

Congratulations you have now successfully configured rules to block message deliver. There is just one last step in the process you must apply these rules to your virutal SMTP server(s) interfaces. So lastly go to the properties of your Default SMTP Virtual Server. Under the general tab click on the advanced radio button. Once here click on the edit radio button. Here check Apply intelligent mail filter and Apply connection filter. Now restart your SMTP service and you are denying connections to viagra, enhancements, and stocks right and left.

To just top off blocking spam out of your network there is one more step you can take. Download service pack 2 for Microsoft Exchange. This service pack contains the intelligent mail filter. This will allow you to block out messages based on their SCL rating(likeliness to be spam). The higher the SCL rating the better chance the message is spam. The settings for this feature can be found once again on the properties of the message delivery. Once in there click on the intelligent mail filter tab.

Personally I like to set my message’s to be rejected if the SCL is higher than 7. If it is between 5 and 7 I just tell Exchange to send it to the junk email folder of the clients. This way if the message turns out to be a false positive the user still gets the message it is just inconveniently placed in their spam folder. You can play around with these settings and adjust them according to what works best for you and your organization.