Flash Website Development

November 4th, 2010 | Posted in Web Development

Flash website development is among one of the most popular web development platforms. At a time, when the entire web world is looking for something really interactive to promote different specialty products and services, Flash has come as a boon if not more than that! A pure amalgamation of interactivity and nice graphics, Flash can go onto play a gem of a role in making your site the hottest web station in this highly competitive web world.

Flash web development services could be availed through dedicated Flash services agencies and also through different web services firms. Understanding the visual importance of a site, these professional Flash design services providers now offer really cost effective web based services for all types of clients.

The advantage that you will always get with Flash is that of getting the attention of large pool of web visitors at one go. The look and feel of site still matters a lot for visitors to stop by it, and Flash services providers understand this better then anyone else’s. If you have ever used the professional Flash support of any of the web design agencies out there, then you could easily feel this!

Web development India has always been on the forefront of offering class Flash act to all its clients. Thanks to the highly qualified and experienced Indian web designers who are the experts in handling all types of Flash services. It’s simply because of their effort and hard work why the Indian web development services providers have been able to do such a terrific job in Flash designing in a global perspective at the present date.

Flash web design is not just about visual advantage; it’s also about making your site stand above the rest. There have emerged really a large pool of web design and development platforms, but the edge with Flash is always there with you. Flash sites are quickly accessible in all browsers and they are very much search engine friendly. Until and unless, you get a practical dose of this, you will never be able to experience the multiple benefits associated with it!

WordPress Designer and Developers

November 4th, 2010 | Posted in Web Development

For any kind of site including online business sites the very preferred platform is WordPress, the most widely used content management system for any kind of website. WordPress Development is extremely reliable and this is one of the reasons to why so many webmasters prefer to have their online business on wordpress. If we talk further rather than its reliability which is of course one of the main reason of the popularity of Word press then we have so many other reasons for its popularity is as follows:-

1) Its an open source software & that’s why its free of cost. It is a matter of wonder that you can create your website free of cost. This is free of cost because it has been developed by a community of wordpress designer and developers, who make it as a hobby and because they love the open source spirit. With WordPress itself, most of its themes and plug-ins are also free. You can create your own website and that is free of cost. This reason is enough itself to make wordpress a widely used & most popular CMS for web creation and also for online business.

2) It is very easy to use. One with a little knowledge can easily access it. This also a big reason for its popularity in online business. 3) As far as security is concerned then, WordPress tops the list of most secured software. WordPress is best suitable for online business because when we talk about online business then security is the main concern in that. But WordPress gives you guarantee that this software can not be hacked at all. This security in WordPress also make it the most popular in online business. 4) This is highly customizable software. It is very obvious that in online business you want that your website must look unique, with WordPress this is easy to achieve. There are thousands of themes you can choose from and thousands of plugins to add in order to get exactly what you want and If you are a webmaster then you can also use existing themes and plugins and change them according to your liking. When you compare this from other CMS then no one can provide such number of themes and plug-ins. Again it is best in this area also. 5) At last but not the least community of wordpress developers is one of the main reason to make it a large online platform. Due to this community most of the people are aware and have good knowledge of WordPress and if some one has some queries regarding it then he or she can visit those community sites. Without any doubt,You can say that among all the CMS, wordpress is best in terms of all above factors. It is a best platform for online business.

New Wireless Solar Keyboard from Logitech

November 3rd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

solar keyboard from logitech

Logitech is a Swiss peripheral device manufacturer that makes PC accessories including keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers, and webcams. They also produce home and computer speakers, headphones, wireless audio devices, and audio devices for MP3 players and mobile phones. The newest innovation in their computer peripheral department is the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

This keyboard brings together all of the latest technology. It features integrated solar panels on the top of the keyboard that collect the power for the K750 so that you can use it without batteries or power cords inside or outside of the office. Logitech has made the incredible claim that when the keyboard is fully charged it can last for up to three months in a pitch black room.

The keyboard has a very sleek design. It is mostly black, except for the slim white frame, and is about one-third of an inch thick. The keys were designed in the chiclet style and have an extremely comfortable feel. The keyboard features an on/off switch that allows you to conserve power when you aren’t utilizing the K750. There also is an indicator light that lets you know when the charge of the keyboard is getting low.

Logitech includes their Unifying Receiver with the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. It is a thumbnail USB device that gives you the ability to use your keyboard wirelessly. The receiver also features the special ability to sync up to six Logitech peripherals with the one USB device. Another great feature is the solar power app that will allow K750 users to install a lux meter that will measure ambient light levels and the battery life of the keyboard. This app will be available to download on November 15th.

The Wireless Solar Keyboard from Logitech is not shipping yet, but it is available for pre-order. The keyboard will be shipping a little later this month and will cost $79.99. I think that this keyboard is awesome. It’s incredible that when charged the keyboard can last up to three months. Also, wireless really means more convenient to me, which is important. I think that this solar keyboard will definitely be a hit. This is a great keyboard from a great company.

If you need an Apple Mac Desktop Computer Rental, then call Rentacomputer.com today at 800-736-8772.

Website Hosting Account

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

If you are wanting to get your own website online but aren’t sure where to start, then here are a few tips you might want to consider.

First of all, you need to decide exactly what you want the website for and how long you intend to keep it.

If you just want a website for personal use such as a site to put pictures and information on to keep your family and friends up to date, you may just want to start a free blog at a place like blogger.com. But if you want a website that you can give the look and feel you want it to have and that you can put things on that other people can download, or if you want to start an online business to sell products then you will need your own domain name and website hosting account.

Getting a domain name usually costs around $10 a year and then you need to set up an account with a hosting provider to get your website online and that is where you have a lot of choices.

Godaddy will host your website for about $6.29 a month, Hostmonster is about $6.95 and Bluehost is around $6.95 a month, but to get these prices you will need to pay for 2 years in advance with no chance of a refund for any reason, so make sure you know what you want before you jump in.

Now, a very important thing that you should think about before you do anything else is the domain name. A lot of people use their own name such as jimdandy.com or billclinton.com, but if you are wanting to get traffic from the search engines, then choosing your domain name wisely is the first part of SEO (search engine optimization).

A domain name related to the keyword or keyword phrase that you want to target will get you a better search engine ranking.

For example, if you want people to find your website when they type in a search for the keyword phrase “cheap website hosting” then you would want a domain name such as cheapwebsitehosting.com, or cheap-website-hosting.com.

Once you get your domain name picked out it’s time to look for a hosting provider.

There are some places that will host your domain for free, but it would not be a top level domain so I would not advise that. In other words, instead of looking like “www.cheapwebsitehosting.com” it might look like “www.cheapwebsitehosting.freehostingsite.com”.

There are also hosting providers that will pay you a commission if you get other people to sign up such as Global Domains International. They cost only $10 a month, throw the domain name in free and then they will pay you a $100 bonus for every 5 people you get signed up in one week, and they will also pay $1 a month for everyone that signs up under you down to five levels deep.

That means if you got one person to sign up for a website hosting account with GDI and that one person got 10 people to sign up under them, that would be eleven people in your downline and you would get paid $11 a month. And it continues down to your fifth level.

You only pay GDI $10 a month, and if you signed up 5 people on your first level, and they each signed up 5 and so on down to your fifth level, you would be making $3,905.00 a month. That’s pretty sweet considering you only wanted a website hosting account to begin with and were willing to pay to have it.

There are also many other choices out there, some pay commissions and some don’t.

The important thing is to do your research before committing, because like I said, some of the hosting providers will charge you for 2 years up front and that is non refundable.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

1. Fat Cow: Fat cow is the only host I will ever use. They are by FAR the best host I have ever used. They may not have the extremely well known name, like HostGator or Godaddy, but have just as good features. Here are the features:

1. Unlimited disk space
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. FREE domain name
4. $50 Facebook credit
5. $50 Google adwords credit
6. $25 Yahoo credit
7. 30 day money back guarantee

Now, for the referral numbers.

FatCow offers a straight-up $110 per sign up. You don’t need to “level up” to get to this referral rate!

2. iPage: Over 1,000,000 domains hosted proves that they have a great product. Great features and reviews are everywhere for this site. Take a look at the features:

1. Unlimited disk space
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. FREE domain FOR LIFE!
4. $50 Facebook credit
5. $50 Google adwords credit
6. $25 Yahoo credit
7. ANYTIME money back guarantee

Another easy referral system:

You get $115 per sign up.

3. Host Gator: Pretty much every webmaster knows about Host Gator. With over 4,000,000 domains hosted, you know their product sells. The 30+ awards they have won certainly back it up. Here are the features:

1. Unlimited disk space
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. $100 Google adwords credit
4. NO contract!
5. 45 day money back guarantee
6. Award winning support

Now, to the referral stats.

1-5 referrals a month—$50 per sign up
6-10 referrals a month—$75 per sign up
11-20 referrals a month—$100 per sign up
21+ referrals a month—$125 per sign up

4. Just Host: This host has TONS of features with a good referral system to match. They win countless awards just like all the big name hosts. The features are just oustanding. Check out the features:

1. Unlimited disk space
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. FREE domain for life
4. Anytime money back guarantee
5. $50 MySpace Ad Credits
6. $50 Google Ad Credits
7. $25 Yahoo Ad Credits
8. $25 Miva Ad Credits
9. $20 Free BidVertiser Clicks
10. $50 Facebook Ad Credits

Now to the referral stats:

1-3 referrals a month—$60 per sign up
4-30 referrals a month—$100 per sign up
31-90 referrals a month—$125 per sign up

I would say this is clearly the best hosting plan on the list. All those marketing credits is just amazing, but this list is based on referral rates.. I will certainly be a proud reseller of this program to my website viewers.

5. Web Hosting Pad: It’s hard to beat unlimited hosting at only $3.95. They have also won over 25 awards. The only drawback to their hosting is they don’t offer any marketing coupons. Here is what their plan includes:

1. Unlimited disk space
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. FREE domain name
4. 30 day money back guarantee

The Best Hosting Platform

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

A website can be used for various purposes, from promoting your products to just establishing yourself as an expert in a particular field. However, no matter what your goal is, if you intend to build a professional site then you will need a paid hosting account. In this way your site will be guaranteed to run properly and will not be filled with advertisements.

Hosting a website is not a difficult task. However, to choose what kind of hosting service that will fit your needs there are several things to consider. Especially if you are to build a professional site, you need to know things like the amount of bandwidth, the volume of disk space, the scripts, and other features that will be required by your site.

Another factor that you need to take into account is the platform to host your website. Generally there are two choices today, Windows and Unix/Linux. Some webmasters prefer Windows while others go for Unix/Linux. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

One of the advantages of Windows hosting services is that they usually provide tools to manage database easily. However, this does not mean if your site requires database then you have to choose only this hosting platform. Various scripts marketed today using database can still be used appropriately even if the users know nothing about database manipulation.

Using a Windows server also means you can utilize technologies like Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Frontpage and ASP. They can be very useful for those of you who want to enhance the functionalities of your sites.

Compared with Windows, Unix/Linux hosting services tend to be more stable. Due to its open source nature any bugs and holes will be fixed quickly. Hosting services that come with operating systems like BSD or Solaris are also likely to be more affordable.

In addition to that, there are a wide variety of tools available on the internet. Many are even available for free. Just notice that many scripts need to be hosted on a Unix or Linux server.

When all is said and done, it is up to you what platform is best for your site. Only you know your own objectives and requirements.

Essential Component For Transferring E-Mails

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

In present times, continuous advancement of technology has taken the world by storm. Not only has it influenced the medical and other such important fields but also the daily life of every individual one way or the other. Internet is one such technology that has made our life simpler in different ways. Earlier, when we needed to keep in touch with our loved ones, we had to write a letter and then post it. Also, there was no guarantee that it would reach the recipient on time. Thus, with the introduction of e-mail, all these shortcomings have been overcome. When we send an email, SMTP mail server comes into play. Thus, this SMTP service is responsible for sending and receiving e-mails.

SMTP is a short term for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. E-mails are the fastest and easiest form of online communication. When we send an e-mail, the SMTP mail server first searches for the domain with the particular e-mail id. When it finds the id with the recipient name, it sends a message to that particular server about the mail. Once the recipient SMTP mail server confirms the mail, it will accept it. All these procedures take place in a few seconds. When we send an email, we just have to press the ‘send’ button and our mail is sent to the specified id. Thus, in order to send and receive e-mails, installing SMTP is a must.

Before you install the SMTP mail server, there are some points which you have to keep in mind. First, make sure that all the system requirements needed to install this server are available in your computer. This is a very important point to note because if the essential software requirements are not fulfilled when installing the SMTP server, it will not work properly. Once you have installed the server, test it to confirm whether it is working or not. To know whether the SMTP mail server is working or not, make a connection to this port. If the server is correctly installed, on the screen you will see the specific domain name along with the date and time. After this step, create a sample e-mail to test.

Once you have created the headers for your e-mail hit the ‘.’ to end composition. After this step send the mail into the delivery queue. Once your sample mail is queued for delivery by the SMTP mail server, you can ‘Quit’ to exit the telnet session. The mail usually sits in the queue until the server forwards it to the recipient. Thus, if the recipient receives your mail, it means that you have successfully installed the SMTP mail server. If you have installed it, it is imperative to test it so that you do not face any problems in future.

The SMTP mail server is not only essential to communicate with our loved ones but also plays a vital role to expand any form of business. With the popularity of e-mail marketing, several companies are adopting this approach to advertise their products and services to customers all around the globe. In this method, companies sent the advertisement about their products and services to potential customers through e-mail. Thus, the SMTP service helps these individuals to take their business to the next level.

Web Host Support your Online Marketing

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

Most online entrepreneurs opt for a Web host primarily on the basis of the recommendation given by their web services company. In making your decision, you should ensure that the choice of your host does not have a negative impact on your interactive marketing strategies.

So, how do you make your choice? One of the most crucial factors that you should consider is the tools and services that the web host supports or doesn’t support. Find out what kind of statistics or web analytics services the host offers. A number of small-time web hosting companies offer freeware statistics in the name of analytics services; which means, you will have to pay a third party to get the desired package and data for your website. But, a good hosting company always has strategic relationships with some of the best web analytics vendors who can provide their customers with some powerful website analysis tools as part of their hosting packages.

If you are an ecommerce company, your web host has a key role to play in the successful functioning of your applications. Many hosting companies provide ecommerce software with their package. You have to find out if you will be able to sell your products online using the solution they are offering. If not, at least ensure that the web host will support the ecommerce solution of your choice, because many such applications require specialized installations.

If you want to carry out online marketing activities extensively, you would need a consistent and reliable email delivery system. It is therefore critical for you to make sure that your web host is able to powerfully fight spammers and filter your important mails on time. There have been numerous instances where emails generated from IP ranges or particular hosting companies have gotten blocked, because they do not follow a strict anti-spamming policy. This can have disastrous impact on your online marketing campaign.

Another very critical issue that you have to address if the server uptime guaranteed by your web host. While being down for a few minutes here and there does have a negative impact on your web business, the real impact is felt if there is significant downtime. Your site not being available online for hours on end leads to significant revenue loss and tarnishes the image of your company. Therefore, when you sign up with a website hosting company, make sure you get a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Choosing a hosting company is more complicated than doing a comparative analysis of features such as disk space, bandwidth and price. Your decision will have a major impact on your Internet marketing initiatives. Therefore, go for a reliable web hosting company like Aussie Web Host, the premier name in website hosting in Australia.

Web Hosting India

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

Alliance Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. (India Internet) is a Noida Delhi based web hosting & Domain Registration Company and provides affordable web services in India, Australia, UK, USA which include Linux hosting, Windows 2003 web hosting, Domain Registration, SSL Certificate, VPS Hosting & Payment Gateway.

In today’s world everyone requires a website to explore their business or current business world survives on web. Website is the easiest approach to describe about any thing on web rather than going for another ways and it is kind of short cut. For a website your first basic need is website name in other words domain name. The domain name varies by its extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in. Anyone can register any domain name which is available. In today’s global market, the Domain Registration companies are growing everywhere and its better to choose right Domain Registration company to keep the website up for always.

The Domain registration comes along with free DNS, Domain forwarding, Mails & etc. Alliance Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. (India Internet) a Noida Delhi based Company is involved in web services like application development, web content development, web hosting, domain registration, internet solutions and web design. The services provided by us are most appreciated by customers throughout the world. India Internet has grown as one of the best Domain Registration & Web Hosting Company in India. We had successfully completed small and medium scale projects. Our team for each department is identical to the successful global companies.

Alliance Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. is located in India, started in Lajpat Nagar Delhi & now completely relocated to Noida. Our day to day work with sales and support is controlled from our Noida office only. We have customers from every part of India including major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, etc. and our customer also includes Australia, UK, & USA.

India Internet provides quality & affordable hosting on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Each of the web hosting packages will contain many additional features along with cPanel. With India Internet, owning or creating a website has become a very simple task at a very low cost. Anybody can have a website to globalize their business ideas. We provides two types of web hosting services that are Windows hosting & Linux hosting and the basic plan starts for as low as INR 5,000.00 per year.

Domain Name Service (DNS) is the service used to convert human readable names of hosts to IP addresses. Host names are not case sensitive and can contain alphabetic or numeric letters or the hyphen. Domain Registration India & Web Hosting India packages are prepared by keeping customers needs and requirement in mind. They are really attractive and beneficial for our clients. We offer fast, secure and reliable linux & Windows 2003 hosting packages for personal or your business sites.

India Internet specializes in reliable Domain Registration India, Web Hosting India, quality cheap linux hosting & windows hosting for personal or business websites in India, Australia, UK, and USA

Inmotion Review Highlights

November 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Web Hosting

If you go through the Inmotion reviews, you will be surprised to know the kind and the amount of services that are being offered in a great cost by the company. It is certainly a package deal.

Inmotion hosting as a company has been in business for many years now. It has been almost a year since the company started its journey and progressively they have become a very good company that manages to offer all the requirements of every customer. The features that every customer has in mind are completely taken care of by this company. If you wish to know more about inmotion then the best way to go with is the inmotion review. These reviews are presented by the experts who analyse the work pattern of inmotion, right from the history part up until the current market position. By doing so, they state the reasons as to why should one opt for inmotion for web hosting.

For a newbie, it might be a little difficult and confusing to make the right choice. Considering the fact that there are so many companies in the market that deal with web hosting, making the right call might turn out to be a little confusing for you. However it is better to play safe and take in as much time as possible to choose the right company. Inmotion is definitely the best choice you can go with, but as a customer you should know the reasons as to why the choice is apt. In most cases, people blindly make the choice but the inmotion review help you be sure of what you are investing in and why is the company termed as the best company.

Inmotion review highlights on features like data centres, reliability, speed, performance etc. For instance, the data centres are many in number which makes it easier for you to get access of one’s information in no time. Apart from this the speed is super good which means that there would be absolutely no problem. Even if there is any problem, the customer support manages to look into the matter immediately making sure that there is no inconvenience for its clients. With so much in the offering, this company is holding a better edge in comparison to the other companies that are available in the market.