Gateway’s DX4840-02e Desktop Computer

July 6th, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

It’s not exactly what I would call a budget desktop, but the Gateway DX4840-02e is certainly still a good deal. It comes standard with a 23-inch HD monitor and a 2-year warranty. It has all of the usual features and a design that should satisfy anyone looking at desktop computers.

The mid-sized black tower of the DX4840-02e has every port included that you could ever need. There are 10 USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, a Photo Frame hot key, 2 PS/2 ports, Ethernet ports, VGA and HDMI video inputs, and 5 media card slots. Also included is a DVD burner.

The 23-inch LCD monitor matches the design of the keyboard and the mouse and features 1,920 x 1,080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can enjoy 1080 HD content to its full extent with the monitor. It has good color quality and decent sound, although if you’re going to be watching many movies on your computer than you may want to invest in some speakers.

Inside the DX4840-02e is a 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 650 processor and 4GB of RAM. That means that its not the fastest desktop computer out there, but it definitely still has great performance.

The Gateway DX4840-02e is a sleek, fast, feature-filled desktop that is pretty reasonably priced. You can get everything discussed and a 2-year warranty with Costco’s Concierge Service, that provides any technical services and help that you might need, all for $799.99.

If you’re looking for something a little more portable that the DX4840-02e but still like Gateway’s products, check out the Gateway EC14D Ultraportable laptop.

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Don’t Trade That Book in for an iPad Just Yet

July 6th, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

Don't Trade That Book in for an iPad Just Yet

iPads and eReaders are all the rage these days because people love the thoughts of being able to read on the go with the electronic devices – no turning pages, no losing your place, and no carrying multiple books around when you know you’re going to have lots of time on your hands. Seems convenient, right? But according to a recent study by Dr. Jakob Nielson of the Nielsen Norman Group, a product development consultancy, reading on an iPad or a Kindle is a lot more time-consuming than reading good old fashioned ink and paper.

The study compared 24 users’ reading times using Kindle 2, iPad’s iBooks application, and an actual book. For the most part, reading on either of the electronic gadgets took almost 11% longer than reading a regularly printed book. But despite the increase in time taken, those who participated said they preferred the electronic devices to books. The study also looked at reading books on a regular PC monitor – something that was given all around negative reviews from participants.

The participants were people who describe themselves as people who like to read and read often. They read short stories by Ernest Hemingway on the four different platforms. Their reading speeds were measured, as was reading comprehension. It took each user an average of 17 minutes and 20 seconds to read each story on all four platforms and their reading comprehension was not affected by the platform used.

Statistics for the PC monitor weren’t released by Nielsen but the numbers for the other platforms stacked up like this: compared to the paper books, readers read 6.2% slower on the iPad and even slower on the Kindle 2 at 10.7%. Sort of ironic considering the Kindle 2 is designed specifically for reading. But Nielsen dismissed the difference in time between the iPad and Kindle, saying the difference was not significant and shouldn’t be considered when consumers are shopping for new gadgets.

Participants were also asked to rate how much they liked reading on each platform. They were given a scale of 1 to 7 with 7 being the greatest. The iPad was rated 5.8, Kindle 5.7 and printed book 5.6 – not a whole lot of difference there. But the PC monitor ranked at just 3.6. Reasons for disliking the PC monitor included that it was not as relaxing as the other gadgets and that users felt like they were at work when using it.

So what does this mean? In the long run, nothing. PC World asks what would happen if the study had looked ages. Would people in their 20’s, who have been using digital screens for their entire life, prefer the Kindle or iPad, or read faster on it? Would people in their 60’s be more set in their ways and prefer the printed page? Also, the study only included 24 participants – that’s a pretty small group and not really representative of the general public.

One thing is for sure. digital books and eReaders are becoming more and more popular in the last couple of years. This year, eBook sales have grown at a rate of 217% from last year. But in my opinion, you still can’t beat a good old-fashioned book.

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Great Deal on Dell Desktop

July 1st, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

dell inspironIf you are looking to buy a desktop computer this summer, Dell might just have the deal you’ve been looking for. The Dell Inspiron 580s Core i5 Dual Core 2.93GHz desktop is now on sale through July 31st. When you use the coupon code ?8CN$RJ?W5TQ0C you will get $199 off the original price of the computer plus free shipping.

The Inspiron 580s comes standard with a very fast i3 processor, HDMI port, 320 GB hard drive, and decent 3D performance. Also thrown in is a 15-month subscription to MacAfee Internet Security.

For merely $629.99, you can have this fast, easy to use desktop computer. The Dell Inspiron 580s is a fantastic deal that you should definitely look further into.

If a Dell just doesn’t suit you, the you should check out Gateway’s ZX Series or maybe Apple’s iMac.

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Gizmodo iPhone 4G Fail

June 29th, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

Gizmodo Iphone 3G not 4G

Click to enlarge

So here we have an ad on Gizmodo playing off the stereotypical college graduate who has an extremely refined taste in beer and is also aimed at their fathers who are looking to buy them something shiny, new, and expensive. While the pitch is hilarious in itself, what really got me was this sentence and the picture chosen to accompany the ad.

“No one can be sure what the fourth generation iPhone will look like (oops! actually, we can)…”

Oops, actually, you can’t Gizmodo. That’s because you’re using an outdated picture of the iPhone 3G instead of the iPhone 4G you are advertising. If I paid $10,000 for that iPhone, I would make pretty darn sure that I was using the correct picture for it.

You can see the original advertisment on Gizmodo’s Grads & Dads Gift Guide by clicking on the photo of the iPhone.

How to Alter Windows Product ID

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information


Alter Win PIDIf you are running a Microsoft Windows operating system on your computer, then you are most likely aware of the fact that your PC will have a Product ID. This Product ID is a system specific alphanumeric code which is derived/calculated based on the Windows product key you use and the hardware configuration of your Computer. In simple words, Product ID is the alphanumeric code that you see when you Right-Click on the My Computer icon and select the Properties option.


Ever wondered how to alter the Windows Product ID?


It is possible to alter the Windows Product ID and change it to what ever you like. For example, you can change the Product ID and put your nickname in place of the formal Product ID displayed by the Operating System. This hack is too easy and can be done within minutes. The screenshot showing the altered Product ID is given below

Win 7 PC showing Original PID
Win 7 Product ID (Unaltered)
Windows 7 PC showing Altered PID
Win 7 PID (Altered)

As you can see from the above screenshot it is simple and easy to make your Windows display what ever you want in the place of the real Product ID. Here is a step-by-step procedure to alter your Windows Product ID.
1. Goto Start->Run and type the following in the Run dialog box


2. After you open the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key

HKey_Local_MachineSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent Version

3. On the right hand side, you can see an entry by name ProductID listed under the heading Name.

4. Double-Click on ProductID, a dialog box will pop-up showing your Windows PID. Now you can delete the original PID and enter anything of your choice.

5. Once you are done, just click on OK and close the Registry Editor. Now you can see the altered Product ID in the Windows Properties window.

NOTE: This trick works on Win 7, Vista and Win XP

I hope you like this trick. Pass your comments. Cheers!

How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information
Find IP Address 
Most of you may be curious to know how to find the IP address of your friend’s computer or to find the IP address of the person with whom you are chatting in Yahoo messenger or Gtalk. In this post I’ll show you how to find the IP address of a remote computer in simple steps.

I have created a PHP script to make it easier for you to find the IP address of the remote computer of your choice. Here is a step-by-step process to find out the IP address.

1. Download the IP Finder script (IP_Finder.ZIP) that I have created.

2. Open a new account in X10Hosting (or any free host that supports PHP).

3. Extract the IP_Finder.ZIP file and upload the two files ip.php and ip_log.txt into the root folder of your hosting account using the File Manager.

4. You can rename the ip.php to any name of your choice.

5. Set the permission to 777 on ip_log.txt.
Now you are all set to find the IP address of your friend or any remote computer of your choice. All you have to do is send the link of ip.php to your friend or the person with whom you’re chatting. Once the person click’s on the link, his/her IP address is recorded in the file ip_log.txt.

For your better understanding let’s take up the following example.
Suppose you open a new account in with the subdomain as abc, then your IP Finder link would be

You have to send the above link to you friend via email or while chatting and ask him to visit that link. Once your friend clicks on the link, his IP address will be recorded along with the Date and Time in the ip_log.txt file. After recording the IP address, the script will redirect the person to so as to avoid any suspicion.
To find the recorded IP address check the logs using the following link.

The sample log will be in the following format Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:27 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:28 PM Thursday 07th of May 2009 05:31:31 PM
NOTE: You have to replace abc with your subdomain name.
I hope this helps. Express your opinion and suggestions through comments.

What are IP Addresses

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that certain electronic devices currently use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP)—in simpler terms, a computer address.
Any participating network device—including routers, switches, computers, infrastructure servers (e.g., NTP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, etc.), printers, Internet fax machines, and some telephones—can have its own address that is unique within the scope of the specific network. Some IP addresses are intended to be unique within the scope of the global Internet, while others need to be unique only within the scope of an enterprise.
The IP address acts as a locator for one IP device to find another and interact with it. It is not intended, however, to act as an identifier that always uniquely identifies a particular device. In current practice, an IP address is less likely to be an identifier, due to technologies such as Dynamic assignment and Network address translation.

How to Send Anonymous Emails

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

How To Send Anonymous Emails

Most of us are very curious to know a method to send anonymous emails to our friends for fun. But the question is, is it possible to send anonymous emails in spite of the advanced spam filtering technology adopted by email service provides like Gmail, Yahoo etc? The answer is YES, it is still possible to bypass their spam filters and send anonymous emails to your friends. For example, you can send an email to your friend with the following sender details.

From: Bill Gates <>

The art of sending this kind emails is known as Email Spoofing. In my previous post on How to Send Fake Email I insisted on using your own SMTP server to send anonymous emails. This method used to work successfully in the past, but today it has a very low success rate since Gmail and Yahoo(all major email service providers) blocks the emails that are sent directly from a PC. In this post I have come up with a new way to send anonymous emails (spoofed emails) that has 100% success rate. If you have to successfully send an anonymous email or spoofed email, you should send it using a relay server.

What is a Relay Server?
In simple words, a relay server is an SMTP Server that is trusted by Google or Yahoo as an authorised sender of the email. So, when you send an email using a relay server, the email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail blindly accept the emails and deliver it to the inbox of the recipient. If the SMTP server is not authorised, Google and Yahoo will reject all the emails sent from this SMTP server. This is the reason for which using our own SMTP server to send emails fail.

So What’s Next?
Now all we have to do is, find a trusted SMTP server to Send Spoofed Emails. Usually all the emails that are sent from web hosting providers are trusted and authorised. So, you have to find a free web hosting provider that allows you to send emails. But, most of the free Web Hosts disable the Mail feature and do not allow the users to send emails. This is done just to avoid spamming. However all the paid hosting plans allow you to send any number of emails. Once you find a hosting service that allows to send emails from their servers, it’s just a cakewalk to send anonymous emails. All we have to do is just modify the email headers to insert the spoofed From address field into it.
I have created a PHP script that allows you to send emails from any name and email address of your choice. Here is a step-by-step procedure to setup your own Anonymous Email Sender Script

1. Goto X10 Hosting  and register a new account.
2. Download my Anonymous Email Sender Script (sendmail.rar).
3. Login to your FreeWebHostingArea Account and click on File Manager.
4. Upload the sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG files to the server.
5. Set permissions for sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG to 777.
6. Now type the following URL
NOTE: yoursite must be substituted by the name of the subdomain that you have chosen during the registration process.

7. Use the script to send Anonymous Emails. Enjoy!!!
Tell me whether it worked or not. Please pass your comments…


Send Fake Email – Fake Email Pranks

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

Most of the email forging tutorials on internet will teach us how to send fake email connecting to SMTP server of the ISP or any other domain. But this is not possible since these hacks will no longer work today because SMTP of remote server will reject any attempts for unauthorised access. Also many of the websites offer you to send fake email from their sites where none of them work. So we have to run our own SMTP server on our computer to successfully send a fake email. SMTP server is a simple software program which can be installed on your computer in few seconds. SMTP server allows you to send fake email right from your desktop easily and effectively. Download QK SMTP server HERE. This is the SMTP server i am using in my tutorial. Once you download and install the server on your comp then you are all set to send fake email successfully.

Once you have installed the QK SMTP server on your comp you must perform the following configuration.
1. Click on “Settings” button on the main screen,the Settings window pops up
2. On Settings window click on “Basic Parameter” tab
3. Set binding IP to “
4. Set port to “25?

1. Click on SMTP server icon on your desktop to start your SMTP server to run(The icon is shown on the notification area of the taskbar if it is running). If it is already running then this step can be ignored
2. Goto command prompt(Start-Accessories-Command prompt)
3. Type exactly as follows

C:>telnet 25

Here is the default IP of every computer.25 is the port number. SO you are connecting to the SMTP server running on your own computer. This step is very importand to send fake email.

NOTE: The IP should not be substituted by any other IP.

Heres the snapshot of what you see after step 3. Click on it to enlarge

4. After typing the telnet command in the command prompt you get entry to the server which displays the following message. The response of a OK SMTP server is given below. Message within Green color is only explanation.
220 Welcome to QK SMTP Server 3
helo hacker (Type helo & any name followed by space)
250 Hello hacker (Server Welcomes You)
mail (email ID can be anything of your choice. This is the ID from which fake email appears to have come from)
250 Address Okay (Server gives a positive response)
rcpt (Type any valid recipient email address)
250 Address Okay (Server gives a positive response)
data (type this command to start input data)
354 Please start mail input
From:Gates <>
Date:Sat Jan 5,2008 9:45 PM
Subject:Test to send fake email
You can create as many headers followed by the “:” symbol.

NOTE: HEADERS SHOULD NOT CONTAIN A LINE GAP. IF SO IT IS CONSIDERED AS BODY OF THE EMAIL. Press enter twice so that there is a line gap between the header & body data

End the body of email by pressing [ENTER] .(dot) [ENTER]
250 Mail queued for delivery (Sever indicates that the email is ready for sending)
quit (Type this command to quit from server)
221 Closing connection. Good bye.
Connection to host lost
(You will get the above 2 lines of message after typing “quit” command)
(Your fake email is sent to the recipient)

Here’s the screenshot for your convenience


Netbios Hacking

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted in Technology Information

1.Open command prompt
2. In the command prompt use the “net view” command


Example: C:>net view

The above is an example for operation using command prompt. “net view” is one of the netbios command to view the shared resources of the remote computer. Here “ is an IP address of remote computer that is to be hacked through Netbios. You have to substitute a vlaid IP address in it’s place. If succeeded a list of HARD-DISK DRIVES & PRINTERS are shown. If not an error message is displayed. So repeat the procedure 2 with a different IP address.
3. After succeeding, use the “net use” command in the command prompt. The “net use” is another netbios command which makes it possible to hack remote drives or printers.

C:>net use D:
C:>net use G:
C:>net use I:
NOTE: In Examples 1,2 & 3, D:,G: & I: are the Network Drive Names that are to be created on your computer to access remote computer’s hard-disk.

F:,”SharedDocs” are the names of remote computer’s hard-disk’s drives that you want to hack. “Myprint” is the name of remote computer’s printer. These are displayed after giving “net use” command. “ is the IP address of remote computer that you want to hack.
4. After succeeding your computer will give a message that “The command completed successfully“. Once you get the above message you are only one step away from hacking the computer.
Now open “My Computer” you will see a new “Hard-Disk drive”(Shared) with the specified name. You can open it and access remote computer’s Hard-Drive. You can copy files, music, folders etc. from victim’s hard-drive. You can delete/modify data on victim’s hard-drive only if WRITE-ACCESS is enabled on victim’s system. You can access files/folders quickly through “Command Prompt”.

NOTE: If Remote Computer’s Firewall Is Enabled Your Computer Will Not Succeed In Gaining Access To Remote Computer Through Netbios. That is Netbios Hacking Is Not Possible In This Situation.(An Error Message Is Displayed). So Repeat The Procedure 2,3 With Different IP Address.