SD Cards

February 25th, 2012 | Posted in Information Technology

Often here you will pay more on a monthly basis for a combination of getting more minutes and texts as part of you package, as well as getting phone that has the highest possible specs. The more you’re willing to pay, the more you will save in the future and the more you can be careless with who you text and call (it’s great for the sociable among us). However in some cases people will make the wrong trade off and will end up paying a lot more per month than they need to – and when you add up how much per month they actually pay over the course of a two year contract, you realise you have in fact bought the most expensive phone in the world that might be approaching the cost of a second hand car…

One way that phone deals will often catch customers out is in the storage capacity. When you buy an iPhone you might well be given the option to buy the 16 Gig option or a different size. You will then pay more or less for your storage. This is logical, because due to Apple being rather restrictive in the way they allow you to use your products once you’ve bought them from them (read as greedy), it is not possible to use an SD card in an Apple product to expand the memory.

However with other models of phone such as the HTC Hero or the Dell Streak, you can use SD cards, normally up to a 32GB Micro SDHC. A 32GB Micro SDHC is a small memory card that is probably about the size of the nail on your little finger, and many phones will allow you to replace this. If you have two 32GB Micro SDHC cards then, you literally double your storage capacity, and you can carry as many of these cards as you want in order to increase your storage capacity indefinitely. As a 32GB Micro SDHC is so small, you can carry literally hundreds on you in theory and not even notice any extra weight.

Some of these phones even come with a Micro SDHC as their main form of memory. I.e. there is no internal memory, but instead just the memory that comes on the removable SD card. Still though the companies sometimes offer a higher memory phone in order to get ‘more memory’. Literally then you are paying tonnes extra simply to receive a slightly bigger memory card. You pay every single month, for a 32GB Micro SDHC when really you could just go for the cheaper deal and get more minutes and then just buy the memory card – or a couple – for one small one-off payment. Similarly even where this is not the main form of memory, even with other phones there is no incentive to buy a phone with a large internal memory when you could just buy a few SD cards extra in order to increase the capacity to be limitless.